Tips to manage time for better Result


Managing TIME for BETTER result 

“proper planning prevents the poor performance, Competition is getting tough guys with each passing second, let’s make a plan…”

Success, Great heights attracts All of Us. Right? But the steps to them not at all, because they need our time, Hardwork, consistency, & determination. You have to be prepared yourself to achieved something great in your life. Some of you be dependent on the destiny or some kind of miracles to happen, but miracles also happen to those only who worked hard for it. Labour conquers Everything! The best piece of advice which I can give you based on my own experiences is to start your work as soon as possible. Shape your destiny by determination, otherwise your destiny will shape your life.

Exams are nearer guys, whether school exams or competitive start preparing for them without wasting a single moment. & the very first step is management of your time. There are certain things & habits too which you need to disposal which eventually helps you to manage your time better. It only needs just the presence of mind & know you have to decide what is good for you according to your situation and time.

what are the tips for BETTER managing the time while studying??

# first of all, monitor your time wasters. A time waster is something that occurs in the day that is not necessary to your day, and if did not occur, you could have quite possibly gotten something else done in its place. A time waster prevents you from accomplishing some goal. monitor your time, that how much time you spend in sleeping, eating, watching T.V, WhatsApp chats, exercises. Do you know that in the above list T.V, & WhatsApp are the two main time wasters? you need to be recognized & needs to be figured out why they are so and if they can be remedied.

# Take advantage of all your time, including little chunks of time, like when you are riding on the bus even.

# Concentrate on one thing at a time. If you are studying then be active in that while doing it. don’t get indulge here & difficult or boring subjects first while you are still fresh & get this task out of the way to make rest of the day easier for yourself.

# One should also be aware of his/her best time of the day. when do you study the best guys- Night time? Day time? schedule it accordingly to your best hours.

# Very Important, study where you will be alert because you need energy that time, Not relaxation. Avoid the place where you sleep like beds or sofas, study table is best.

Pay attention to your attention. Always keep a note pad with you while studying to jot down the random thoughts that interferes with your studying. Get them out of your mind as soon as possible onto a paper so that you can focus properly. & if the work is really pressuring you then, just do it & then return to your studying.

“The One Who has No Concentration, there will be no Tranquility.” Remember It!

Get off the phone, don’t use the phone as an excuse to not study. Tell the people when they call, that you are studying and they should understand if it is important they will call back.

# Plan your day each morning or night before and set priorities for yourself.

# Set deadlines for yourself whenever possible & also do not forget to reward yourself when you get things done as you had planned, especially Important ones.

# Do one more thing before going to bed, try to do just one more thing to make your day extra complete and alienate one task for the next day.

# whenever you make the schedule, follow it. Be flexible, but firm.

Be realistic in your expectations of yourself.