How to apply makeup perfectly on your Face?


How to apply makeup perfectly on your Face?

In today’s trendy world where we use to follow lots of trends to make our self-compatible with the changing mindset. Surely making our self-comfortable with the changing environment requires lots of efforts and is important too. From a wide range of trends, there is one which can’t be left behind and that is “Advancing Looks”. Usually for glamorous looks we put on makeup, makeup not only enhances our looks but even give us the one we desired of. With the desire look a problem arise when we have to work for entire day and all of our makeup gets smudged off. Well for that let me take you close to those tips and tricks which can add up to make your makeup last longer  with a mark of elegance..

  1. Prepare your Skin –

Regularly staying in a polluted environment causes oil, bacteria, dead skin cells. Which get stuck on the surface level of skin. To make your makeup work, Exfoliate your skin atleast once in week to maintain natural smoothness. Use toner after cleansing and exfoliating and then moisturize your skin with an oil free moisturizer.

  1. Use Primer on face as well as on eyes –

Primer is the primary step, which helps your makeup last all day. Primer restricts outter pollution comes to your skin surface and creates a shield that make your skin smooth for long working days. Primer is used on both face and eyes. Face primer fills your pores, fine lines and create plain face where foundation can be applied where as eye primer gives a plain surface to apply eyeshadow and eyeliner. Primer reduces chances of smudging.

  1. Applying Foundation –

Products with oil based have probability that the makeup may slide from the actual standard and to make it fix, moisturize your skin and then opt for an oil free foundation. It will smooth your complexion all the day.

  1. Later your face with powder –

Liquid creams can make your makeup slide over it’s place so to make your complexion last long, layer your face with light weight powders that perfectly matches your skin tone and foundation. Apply easy technique of stippling to lock your complexion products from getting sliding off. Try one which appears shiny for whole day.

  1. Makeup with light layers –

Using a beauty blender to apply light layers to create a smooth, texture free complexion. Don’t make your makeup look heavy just let it be light and natural.

  1. Priming Spray –

To give a foiled effect to your eye shadows, just dip your eye shadow brush in a priming spray before applying on eyelids. It will make it look glossy and make it last long.

  1. Wear waterproof eye makeup –

The thing which comes most frequently in eye makeup is mascara and eyeliner. Applying waterproof mascara and eyeliner reduces the chances of getting smudged off and get the “racoon effect” after a few hour.

  1. Mixing Primer with liquid lipstick –

Lipstick is that effect to your face make which is observed mostly frequently, this make it important to stay your lipstick longer, mix primer with your battle liquid lipstick to guarantee it looks glossy for long. Take small amount of primer to lipstick to dilute it’s colour or if you want the colour stand apply more lipstick.

  1. Use translucent powder –

After you are done with complexion products. To make your makeup last longer. This is the step to soak all the excess oil left on skin but will also set your make wear longer.

  1. Setting look with setting spray –

After the all above steps to finish your look just it’s standard place and is mostly beneficial when you have to work for an event or a party. It will promote the glow.

Applying all the above-mentioned steps with ideal techniques you will get a confident and long lasting elegant look. I must say although for a few hours these will help you get the desired look but make your look glamorous with an end touch of a pretty gorgeous smile. Trust me it’s more important than all mentioned above.