SMARTPHONES: modern utility or health hazard?


Somehow I thought of question, can I live without the lift device called smartphone? which can put the world at my fingertips and connects me to who I want at anytime. Well definitely Not! Who doesn’t love the modern technology? But did you know that over 1.6 million driving accidents, more than 300,000 injuries, 11 horrible teen death occur every single day due to this modern technology called ‘Smartphones’.

Smartphones have become more of a necessity rather than an accessory. It has become very easy to contact anyone anywhere. Due to facility and less price, this has become very favorite gazette today. The new generation is such a slave to the cell phone that it would not be wrong calling it ‘life style addiction’. people feel helpless without the phone. Apart from elders, smart phone has become status symbol even for kids & this is the reason that every day the market is being dumped with new models of phones.

Today the scene is losing a phone, means losing an important part of life. keeping the efforts to charge the phone here & there, if it loses its battery while conversation. some of you even might have the false realization sometimes of the phone ringing, this is the major effect of psychological problem.



Along with the psychological effects, the phone also puts bad effects on the body & develops other kinds of problems. Usage of smartphone, more than needed
•Tiredness and sleeplessness, shakes hearing sounds in the ears or ringing bells.
•Taking time to respond
•Increase of heart beat, joint pain, numbness of limbs, nausea, problems of digestive system, stroke & paralysis.
•Eye cancer, losing sight.
•Reduction in White blood cells, & even it can cause asthma.
•Continuously headache, memory loss, shortening of focus. Even one study warns of possibilities of ‘brain tumor’.
•Burning sensation over the scalp of head, Redness and bounces and itching over there, schizers and strokes.
This all can happen crossing a limit. So now could you see that this smart technology not only gives enjoyment but even can bring the message of death.

It is not possible to avoid the use of mobile at all. That is not needed even; but be alert to the risks and keep some things in mind. Those things are as follows:-
•Don’t keep the mobile on vibration.
•Don’t use cell phone to listen to music, watching movie and playing games.
•Put anti radiation cover on your mobile. keep cell phones close to your head in night, as well as in day time.
•Don’t speak more on cell phone. Remind yourself that it is for important things, not for chatting.

As per one study, using mobile phone for long time damages the tissues in the brain, because of the electromagnetic waves coming out of it. So, it is mandatory to save yourself & specially your kids from the harmful effects of the mobiles. This should be one of our priorities.

“There is Nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so”similarly, smartphones in themselves are neither good nor bad. However how we use them make them good or bad.