AI- Artificial Intelligence


With ever developing technology, usage of Artificial Intelligence is also increasing. Man has increased the capacity of machines by using Artificial Intelligence to a great extent. We desire high speed, easy and accurate working ways and the ability to complete any task as soon as possible, to save precious time.

In this rapidly developing era of Artificial Intelligence, it can be said that soon the machines will do all our work in a while. So today let’s know about Artificial Intelligence, ie, AI, and it’s types.

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What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is made up of “Artificial + Intelligence” wherein, Artificial means man-made and intelligence means the power to think. Artificial intelligence is developed by humans in robots or computers. The intelligence that is present in humans keeps on growing automatically and developed from surroundings. Whenever we see, listen or touch something, we decide for ourselves how to deal with that thing. So our own ability to think is called Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence is widely used in Computer Technology as of now. You can visualize AI in your mobile Google IC, iOS Siri, Windows Cortana, which works on Voice Command System AI.

Types of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is divided into different categories as mentioned below:


It is an intelligence that’s meant to work in a specific field and also called Artificial Narrow Intelligence. For example – If your computer plays chess, then it can beat you in it because it has been made to play only chess, apart from that it can’t do any other work. Another example of Weak AI is Virtual Assistant in Smart Phones which can only work on the instructions given by you and nothing else.


It is such an intelligence whose smartness level is equal to the human intelligence level. Means whatever we can think or do, the same work can be done very easily through Strong AI. This is also called General AI or General Wide Intelligence. For example – Driverless vehicles in Paris.


It is far above human intelligence level and also called Artificial Super Intelligence. In the coming times, when humans prepare machines of Strong AI, then those machines will have the capability to make new technological machines with continuous improvement.

If we have Robots with Strong AI, they will work together and create new robots. Then those robots will make even better robots with mutual help, and then this cycle will continue. In such a situation, a new thing will come out in front of us, which we will call “Singularity”.

Diagnosing diseases through mobile scanning

In coming future, Artificial Intelligence will help in global shopping complexes, healthcare, driverless vehicles, movement of heavy goods, optimized machinery etc.

Apart from above advantages, there are many risks adhered to Artificial Intelligence like unability of proper decision making or not recognizing perfect solution every time.

All in all, the artifical intelligence cannot replace the human intelligence completely, but can surely reduce manual efforts, when executed with appropriate precautions.