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Gujrat Elections Who Won, Who lost? Daily Bees

Gujrat Elections Who Won, Who lost, Still a Mystery!!

18th December, was supposed to bring an end to a long 6 months mystery; whom will the people of Gujarat adopt? ‘A speaker or...
kartika purnima Daily Bees

Kartik Purnima – The Incarnation Day of Two Divine Powers.

It's not obligatory to find happiness only in biggest events of life. We can find it even in the smallest routine works too. Like...
spirituality Daily Bees

Spiritualistic Life – The Greatest Journey You Will Ever Be On

Spirituality is that which speaks about life and Life Journey.Like the way, Chemistry gives you the knowledge of chemicals, Physics gives you the knowledge...
Blood Donation Daily Bees

Some Shed Blood, Some Donate Blood – Which Side Are You On ?

Few days back, I had a conversation with a very well educated friend, which went something like this!Friend - Hey, what's up? Me - Good, nice to...

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