International Plastic Bag Free Day 2021: Say No To Polythene And Switch To Eco Friendly Bags


This is the well known fact that PLASTICS are thin film used in everyday life. But meanwhile creating a harsh damage on our whole Ecosystem as well as demolishing the Human health.

Plastics containing Toxic chemicals are hazardous to land and even marine Creatures.
This Alarming destruction caused by Plastic Bags create immediate Awareness and that so the International Plastic Free Day is innovated.
Do you know what the day Aims for ?

Let’s discuss the matter in detail enlightening the Avoidance of Single use plastics and stepping forward with the Aim towards Swachh Bharath.

Table of Contents

International Plastic Bag Free Day

No Plastic Day celebrated on 3rd of July every Year was commenced by Zero waste Europe since 2008.

Actions taken on this Day

It’s high time to make a plastic free world and for this Awareness campaigns, speeches are organized on this Day to give an Alarming Sign to each one on this planet .
Volunteers on duties come out and clean the plastic spread on streets, oceans and wherever they can.

Events and workshops are organized to explain the world about the importance of Reuse of plastic.

Encourage your nearby people, your friends, family to join the Cleanliness Campaigns.
Plastic Suffocation Campaigns are organized every year in some areas

Purpose of Day

The Day is dedicated for Spreading awareness world wide to increase the use of eco friendly paper, cloth bags or hand made bags and Saying no to such Toxic Single use plastics.

Pledge to ban the unnecessary usage of Plastic products.

Hazardous Health Disorders caused by Plastics

Plastic Pollution is a Global crisis effecting Human health to a greater extent.

  1. Health Disorders to Children: Plastics cause suffocation and small children are gentle with their body being developed towards external environment are not able to handle this toxicity.
  2. Microplastics that enter our body via ingesting plastic package items cause oxidative crisis and so Cardiovascular disorders.
  3. Lead, mercury etc. chemicals present in plastic can cause Cancer, Immune disorders.
  4. Bisphenols, a chemical compound of plastic can stop Brain activity and development, behaviour, menstrual problems, hormonal disorders.
  5. Plastics are endocrine disruptors, causing Sperm disruption in males and Chromosomal abnormality in females.

Plastic Pollution, A Ruin to Environment

Their Toxicity harms land and marine ecosystem as well.

  1. Globally till date, nearby 8 million tonnes of plastic is dumped in Oceans. The marine creatures when enter into water, they add danger in their wildlife.
  2. Marine seabirds, fishes etc. get mistaken of the plastic waste as their food prey and plastics then get deposited into their stomachs causing internal injuries, lacerations, health disorders causing death.
  3. As their food chain passes, it effects other species as in bigger fishes and then to marine mammals and then to non vegetarian humans eating seafood.
  4. Plastic get entangled in their body and do not get digested.
  5. Plastics are non biodegradable items and when thrown an land do not get decomposed easily.
  6. Plastic takes 500 years to decompose and hence, polluting our Earth as well as causing Health hazards to human

Ways To Switch Plastic Usage

  1. Keep your own shopping hand made bags while going to market
  2. Plastic bottles causing maximum toxicity should be avoided. Stop the usage of Packaged water bottles.
  3. Vegetables and fruits brought in thin plastic polyethene on daily basis are harmful. So, one can plan to shop in bulk and use the cloth bags for food items
  4. Your food must be stored in steel or glass containers, not in plastic ones
  5. Many Plastic items can be Recycled in an interesting way which is also eco friendly usage of it
  6. Don’t throw Plastic items near River, Oceans.
  7. Shopkeepers can think an alternatives to use the Reusable items
  8. Remember “Reduce Reuse Recycle” and make a Reminder in others mind wherever you notice.


  • Plastics are like catastrophe to this planet.
  • Pledge to ban the unnecessary plastic usage. Create awareness more and more to save our planet.
  • Be active and switch to alternatives of plastic items.

Your one step can do wonders. Step forward and the universe will follow you.

Writing Credits – Kavya