Vijayadashami: How to Celebrate Dussehra in True Sense? 10 Lines on Dussehra in English


We all are well aware of the epic saga of Ramayana. Dussehra or Vijayadashami is celebrated to commemorate the victory of Lord Rama over Ravana. It is also very important to know/ understand how to celebrate dussehra. So, we have put up here in a simple way in 10 lines on dussehra in english so that your kids/ children can easily understand it.

We Indians grow up in an environment where every month comes with a festival or celebration. Each festival holds an interesting story behind it. These festivals not only give us a reason to smile, laugh, and dance but also teach us some important lessons to lead a righteous life.

Since times immemorial, it has been said that whatever be the circumstances, truth always triumphs. This dictum has been rightly highlighted by this great festival.

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Dussehra celebrates the triumph of righteousness over wickedness

According to Hindu mythology, the history of Dussehra goes back to the times of Satyug. The day draws its rootage from the great Hindu epic Ramayana. The incarnation of Lord Vishnu, Lord Rama killed the ten-headed devil Ravana as demon king Ravana had abducted Lord Rama’s wife Sita during their exile.

Lord Rama went all the way to Ravana’s kingdom Lanka to fight Ravana and bring back Sita. Although it seems that it was a fight between Lord Ram and Ravan for Sita but it was more than that. Lord Rama has been portrayed as being so powerful to kill Ravana in one go. But this was all planned by the eternity of creating such a story that can eradicate all the evils from society.

Lord Rama killed Ravana and his ego. To commemorate this epic day, Dussehra is celebrated.

Another story that revolves around the day comes from puranas. According to the Hindu stories, the demon Mahishasur, after he had acquired invincible power, had been bothering all the Gods of the Swarg Lok and the living beings Even the mighty head gods, Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva, and Lord Brahma were not able to control him themselves. So Goddess Durga incarnated in form of Ma Shakti and was given the most powerful god-like weapons. As promised, she killed Mahishasur. So Vijayadashami is celebrated to signify her victory over Mahishasur.

Dussehra not only symbolizes the victory of gods over demons but the proclamation that truth always wins. The ultimate power in universe is the positivity.

Let us kill the demon inside us

Right and wrong are the two faces of a coin. Every person in the world is good or bad for his actions and thoughts.

Let’s Win Over The Devil Of Negativity Within

We all have demons inside us. These are the parts of ourselves that we don’t like to acknowledge. These are the thoughts that cause us to do irrational and selfish things. We, humans have a tendency to notice others’ faults clearly but we are failing to introspect ourselves and find evilness inside us.

But no matter how hard we try to ignore our faults they are always there, bubbling up to the surface, seeping out of the lid, we try to keep on them.

We try to distract ourselves from our demons with work or competitions. We sometimes intentionally, we sometimes not knowingly treat others very badly.

Maybe some of us have done our battles with these evils at some point. We tried to fight back the feeling of anger or guilt but still, we need to fight them and win over them.

On this Dussehra 2020 let us all try to introspect and find what takes us away from the path of righteousness and truth.

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How can we kill negativity inside us?

Many people attend various sessions, join clubs, etc. these days to remain positive. But the simple mantra to achieve positivity and kill negativity is the method of meditation. Selfless service to god’s creation increases strength and will power to fight your own evil thoughts that compel us to do wrong deeds.

Regular practice of meditation enhances our focus and concentration and our thinking power is increased. The overall energy of the body is boosted up. So we get rid of our problems for which we were earlier unable to find a solution. There are endless benefits of meditation one can imagine. You can achieve your goals and thus, attain happiness and peace.

Having sympathy and love for others enables us to live a calmed life. Religions teach us to always serve those in need and are vulnerable.

Celebrating festivals in the real sense

Our generations have witnessed celebrations of such festivals in a way that is totally meaningless and wrong. Ramlila grounds are full of people who come to celebrate Dussehra. Although the burning of effigies of Ravana every year portrays the defeat of evil, still performing such rituals without learning anything is not enough.

People drink and gamble on this day. A lot of violence is seen on Ramlila grounds on these days when people get drunk.

Lord Rama is the epitome of goodness and virtue. Lord Rama is always taught to walk on the path of Dharma and Dharma always prohibited drinking and gambling. Are these not the things that demon Ravana wanted? Are we actually following Rama or Ravana? This is the question one should ask for self before doing such activities.

Performing rituals is good and healthy as they bring positivity. But the actual joy of any festival is hidden in making others happy.

Not only Dussehra, but we should also lead the life taught by religions every day.
How would the world be if we all pledge to help each other on this day? How would it be if we all come together to cleanse our cities and villages instead of spreading pollutions at festivals?

What if we all together put an end to corruption and greed? It would be great if we all pledge together to donate blood regularly or plant trees every month to save the environment.

The world would be a happy place to live if our minds are filled with positivity, truth, love, and sympathy.

I think the joy and peace we get by celebrating through welfare is incomparable. That would be the best way to worship and impress lords.


Let us celebrate Dussehra by following the holy teachings of lord Rama and doing righteous deeds. A very happy Dussehra to all !


Writing Credits – Lovepreet Arora