Title: World teacher’s day 2021: origin, theme and how can you appreciate the teachers


Teacher or mentor is considered as the most important personality in one individual’s life after parents who can change the entire life of him with his guidance and inspiration. The place of one teacher is not only crucial for the academic teachings but also for the ethical values which are instilled in the personality of one child in the very beginning of his learning life which further pave the way of being a successful person who is having good humanistic traits.

Origin of World Teacher Day

The foundation of Teachers Day was laid in 1994 just as the commemorative event to celebrate the execution of recommended Norms of status of teachers by International Labour Organization and UNESCO for the prior preparation for teaching, responsibilities of teachers, their recruitment process, working structures and relationship of teaching and learning process. The rules of higher education teaching status related to the personnel of this category were also implemented in 1997 to recognise the adoption of these norms.

This event is celebrated by three organizations namely International Labour Organization, International Education, and UNESCO.

Theme World Teachers Day in 2021

Due to the extreme outbreak of COVID-19, the situation of world education was quite miserable for one and half years but the teachers did their best by opting various policies and strategies to continue the process of learning. This year the main focus of this international event will be on supporting the teachers to establish their full potential to contribute to improving world education which is drastically hit by the pandemic crisis.

The theme will be teachers at the heart of education recovery. This theme will support the concept of teachers’ efficiency to remove all barriers of education which are imposed by COVID-19 crisis period. This gap can be covered further and even covered till now from December 2019 by the tireless efforts of teachers who opted every possible means to support their students academically as well as morally. The theme of 2020 was to encourage young people to join the profession of teaching which means young minds will be at the front line to educate the world. As UNESCO coined the term ‘Young Teachers’ . As this will ensure the reliability of providing lifelong opportunities for all in every nook and corner of the world.

How can World Teachers Day be a way to appreciate the efforts of teachers? 

  • Unique way of art..

Undoubtedly art can help the pupils to acknowledge the all steps of teachers which are taken by them for their students’ . The students can make greeting cards to thank their mentors for their contribution. They can also make paintings, some crafts which can also make their educators proud of them.

  • Gift as a token of respect and love

The learners can also take the help of their parents to choose gifts for their tutors. It can be anything like coffee mugs, give them some eatables like donuts, chocolates and can plan potluck meals for the teachers to show the warmth of affection.

  • Special treatment from administration

The administration of all educational institutions should also join the students to highlight the hard work of their quality device providers who are doing every possible effort to make these institutions one of the reputed educational AAacentres. There should be some feast and prize distribution events for teachers according to their achievements.

  • The Significance of World Teachers Day

This day provides an opportunity to value the teachers of the whole world for their selfless hard work for the future of the world as they are the one burns themselves to enlighten the path of their disciples. This day brings honours for the teachers as this induces new passion and spirit among tutors to do their duties more willingly.

  • Way to discuss the present scenario of this profession

Every year a new theme is emphasized by UNESCO to bring the attention of the world about the challenges and changes in the pavement of this profession. The work level meetings, conferences showcase the abilities of teachers and also shed light on their firm determination to teach the learners even in unfavourable conditions.

The reminder for the ultimate goal of United Nations

The United Nations have envisioned the target of Sustainable Development Goal for Education till 2030 and The World Teachers Day is the annual alarm for this to put every likely effort to fulfill this resolution.

The teachers are one group of people who have made a profession and professionals to run the cycle of life smoothly on this planet earth. So a heartiest congratulations to all teachers of this world for giving their best to make their learners good native of this planet.


Writing credits – Mandeep