Title: Teacher’s Day: History, importance and how is it celebrated?


The Duty Of The Teacher is neither few, nor small but they elevates the mind and give energy to the character!

A teacher is someone who guides us, become inspiration for us in life. A teacher is like an awaring alarm which reminds us again and again to put efforts on our goals to reach to them successfully. A teacher is the one who openly reads the mind of his students and help them beautify their character even with their flaws.

Table Of Contents:-

  • When and Why Teachers Day is celebrated?
  • A Teacher -An Inspiration.
  • A Day To Appreciate Teachers.
  • How Teachers Day is celebrated in India?
  • Best Gift For Teachers.
  • Conclusion.

When and Why Teachers Day is celebrated –

Teacher’s Day is a memorable day for both student and teacher. This special day arrives on 5th of September every year. In actual, it is the birthday anniversary of second president of India, who was Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. He was born on 5 September,1888 in the pilgrim town of Tirutani.

Teacher’s Day is celebrated for appreciating the efforts made by a teacher. The one who guided his student, made him walk on successful path and even for instilling morals and ethics in his student. This day is a honour for teachers who work so excellently in their job. This day pays tribute to the sacrifices and efforts made by a teacher for instilling good values in his student everyday.

∆ A Teacher- An Inspiration –

One could only be an inspiration for someone if he has such qualities which are guiding light to the others. A teacher is such a qualifier who teaches his student not only the academics or extracurricular activities but also make his/her student a true human being. A teacher is also responsible in teaching moral values, ethics, way of conduct, good behavior, respecting others. A teacher is the one who train his student to resolve the modern day challenges in life. Somewhere, a teacher acts as a role model of a good student. A teacher guides his students about leadership, truthfulness, humanity and so on. A teacher knows exactly how to mold his student to be talented and successive. A teacher also provides spiritual and emotional guidance to his students. A teacher is the only one who paint the minds of their students and even guide their thoughts to advise them their faults. They inspire a life of truth and knowledge and make student to brighten his future by lengthening his smile with courage and determination to achieve success. Thus, a teacher becomes an inspiration source of his students who achieve great heights of success in life.

∆ A Day To Appreciate Teachers –

The day of 5th September is an appreciation day for the teachers all over world. On this remarkable day, every student must appreciate his teacher, who made several sacrifices for giving you proper education. As no poet, philosopher or a king could do anything without a teacher. Everyone wants a true guide or a teacher in life with whom one should be determined towards getting success in life. We must be proud of our teachers who put their student and his future before anything else and made us do hard work to succeed in life. A teacher plays a significant role in development of a nation by making its youth succeed in right pathway of life. Worldwide, teachers get honoured by the students on teachers’ day and in return the teacher promises to made more efforts to make their students well educated and a true human being in life.

∆ How Teachers Day Is Celebrated In India –

In India, on every 5th September, teachers day is celebrated. As it is the day of birth anniversary of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. When they become President of India, some of their students asked to celebrate their birthday on 5th September. In their reply they told to celebrate it as a particular day which would be a contribution and honor of all teachers. From that day, 5th September is celebrated as Teacher’s Day in India.

India, being a cultural place, an Indian festival known as Guru Purnima is dedicated to the spiritual and academic teachers for honouring them. It is celebrated on the birthday of Ved Vyasa ,who were the author of Mahabharata ,Vedas and Puranas. This special day is celebrated during the full moon day of Hindu calendar month of Ashada.

∆ Best Gift For Teachers –

The Teachers day is a special day to thank your teachers for everything they do for their student to succeed in life. This day is an opportunity for a student to express their love and care for the teachers. Getting blessed from them and promising them to work on their guided pathway is a brilliant present which a student can give to his teacher. The time spent with teachers by giving gratitude, respect and proper attention can make a teacher feel blessed to have such students who have so much love and respect for their teachers. A student can tell the teachers contribution for being a good person in life on that day and could gift him cards, pens or useful things which could become a memory for them.

∆ Conclusion –

This celebrative day brings a great appreciation to every teacher who played a dignified role in changing the mind of his student and to make him succeed in life by his teachings.A teacher is the role model of his student. The contribution of teachers in development of society is massive. Today if a student is achieving great heights of success, the role played behind making him so hard worker is of a teacher who made him study well and taught him conductive values.

Writing credits – Ruchika