Happy Rose Day 2022


Today is the first day of the upcoming special Valentine’s Day .This day marks the beginning of the week of love in the world. People wait for the february month only for this reason because valentine’s week provides a golden chance to them to be with their loved ones and make them feel special by beautiful gestures of expressing love. The name denotes, people give rose to their beloved and show them love and care they have. People give red roses to their special ones such as their partners , parents and friends to strengthen their bond of affection.

Origin of the day

This week of love is basically inspired from the life of Saint Valentine who gave an opportunity to people to celebrate the love and affection they have for their dear ones. On 14th February, Pope Gelasius First established the day to be celebrated as Valentine’s Day as Saint Valentine died on this day. The rose day gives insight to people to live a life full of the fragrance of love and the truthfulness of relationships. Red rose is the charm of the day as this symbolises the love on the earth.

Celebration of the day

As per the title of the day people rush to buy roses to grab the love of their own people. Nobody wants to miss this moment. People have a lot of excitement before the beginning of the week of love. Many wait eagerly for this time of the year and do a lot of preparation to mention their affection for their partners. The markets are flooded with different types of bouquets to attract the lovers. The flower men have a good sale on this day. Flowers are exchanged between lovers, and special ones and the day brings a lot of happiness and warmth among relationships.

Start of Valentine’s Week

As I already mentioned that roses are the first day of valentine’s week so this day has great importance in this context. Afterwards the other six days are celebrated to find the hidden joys and pleasures between the distinct bondings. The consecutive days are equally imperative for the people as they celebrate propose day, chocolate day, teddy day, promise day, hug day, kiss day, and finally there is Valentine’s day which is the peak of this entire journey of love.

In conclusion, in this extremely hectic life, people get some moments of unforgettable togetherness due to this week of valentine’s as they do some extraordinary and loveable things for their beloved ones to make them realise how much they love and care for them. So , everybody should broaden their mindsets about the context of this valentine’s week as the love is not only the partner or lover, he or she can be father, mother, brother , or any other important relation of life.


Writing credits – Mandeep