Coronavirus: All Current Updates You Need And The Preventive Measures


Coronavirus has been declared as a pandemic by the World Health Organization. The whole world’s focus is on one disease only right now as it is spreading fast and has affected millions in a few months. Moreover, the scientists have not been able to find the cure for this disease and there is no approved vaccine till now, only ones being tested, if approved, will take months to come into market.

The Worldwide Coronavirus Updates

Everyone has got their eyes on the live Coronavirus updates. The world has witnessed 536,820 cases, more than 24000 deaths with Wuhan, a city in China being the epicenter, followed by Italy, USA and Spain. Italy alone has 80,589 cases with 8,215 deaths which has made the conditions worse in the country. China has witnessed 81,340 cases with 3,292 people dead. Spain has 64,059 cases with 4,858 deaths due to the deadly virus, as this article is being written. The USA has also reported more than 85000 confirmed cases with 1300 dead. This virus has brought the health care of the top ranked countries to its knees. With so many people affected with the fatalities occurring, the whole system of the affected countries has been disturbed.

Coronavirus Cases in India

The Coronavirus cases in India were reported after the people from affected countries traveled to India, met their friends and family without getting themselves screened for Coronavirus, and now, some of their close contacts have been tested positive for the the same. The Coronavirus death toll in India is at 17 with positive cases being 724. The contacts of the positive cases are being traced and tested for the disease by the authorities with continuous warnings and precautions issued for the rest of the country. The government has brought the Indian Nationals from around the world back to India and those who have been tested positive are under treatment at various hospitals. 263 students brought back to India from Italy are in quarantine facility in Delhi. The government is playing its part by bringing back people to India and it’s our turn to follow the instructions laid down by the government for our own safety.

India Under Lockdown Due to Coronavirus

The whole nation is under lockdown for 21 days till 14th of April, 2020 as announced by the PM Narendra Modi on 24th of March. All international and domestic flights, metro, public places, railways were already declared closed, apart from essential services which will be available. The government has urged everyone to stay at homes and not go anywhere unless it’s an emergency. To avoid any gatherings, the police is continuously working and sending people back to homes if found outside. The essential services will be mostly provided to people via home delivery facilities at various places to avoid any unwanted gathering of people at shops. After all, the most effective strategy to combat this disease is social distancing. So, please stay at homes and stop the transmission of the Coronavirus.

Preventive Measures to Stop Coronavirus

No matter how contagious this virus is,the solutions are really simple. Read any Coronavirus article and every authentic source is urging on social distancing and frequent hand washing to fight it. These two are the best preventive measures which will defeat the major cause of the spread, i.e. close contact with the affected person. Moreover, stay at home for 21 days and follow this religiously to defeat the virus. It is a serious issue that needs to be addressed by every single person of the nation and not just the government. So kindly follow these preventive measures 100%!

  • Stay home, stay safe and practice social distancing.
  • Wash hands with soap and water frequently.
  • Practice Pranayama to boost up your immunity.
  • Eat items like pistachios and paneer to increase your immunity to fight against Coronavirus.
  • Do meditation to increase your will power and defeat the Coronavirus as will power can defeat the fatal diseases.
  • Please follow the guidelines of the government and stay inside your homes.
  • Ingest Holy basil in tea or milk 3-4 times a day and protect yourself from the deadly virus.

By practicing these measures, we can definitely defeat the Coronavirus outbreak and in case of any of Coronavirus symptoms, call your doctor first and ask for advice and if advised by the doctor, then go for the testing. Please do not go outside if other means to get help are available. Let’s defeat this pandemic and save ourselves and others. This curve of Coronavirus pandemic will definitely flatten and ultimate your efforts done now will save a lot of damage so play your part and do not go out of your homes. Stay at home, stay safe!