Meditation – It All Starts Within!


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“Nothing can harm you as much as your own thoughts unguarded.” – Gautam Buddha

Human brain is one amazing creation of God. It is never idle and keeps on thinking of something or the other. Even in our sleep, our subconscious brain forms its own complex thought processes which ultimately govern our conscious thinking patterns. But there is an even more powerful entity of life that the Almighty has created, which can rebuild the most rigid of our opinions and make our lives better, and that is our soul, the spirit.

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What is Meditation?

What is meditation? Daily Bees

In one sentence, meditation is a practice of organized thinking, of focusing our thoughts on one thing at a time. It is now scientifically proven that reciting God’s words like Hari, Om, Allah, Ram attracts positive cosmic rays and expands the thinking capacity.

How Does Meditation Work?

Just like our body needs food to function efficiently, our soul also needs its food. Science has accepted this today, but the religions have forever advocated the fact that when we concentrate on God’s words, the soul gets its feed and becomes stronger. Traits like patience, happiness, positivity and satisfaction come naturally as a result of meditation.

How It Helps in Practical Life?

how meditation helps in practical life? Daily Bees

Suppose you do some task like studying every day. Let’s say you spend 4 hours for a single session. Now once you get used to meditation, you will get even better results within a period of just 2-3 hours. Meditation rewires our brain and hence improves our concentration. Win – win!

Not only mindfully, meditation also strengthens our body physically, it makes us better inside out. Our immunity gets stronger and we do the tasks for which we were unwilling before.

Meditation and Spirituality

meditation and spirituality Daily Bees

All the religions explain the significance and methods of meditation. Moreover, they emphasize the need of a Spiritual guide, a mentor for the path to the tenth door (or the third eye), which brings the ultimate salvation.

Every person is full of everything from inside but to explore it, the best and the only way is meditation. The Spiritual master of Dera Sacha Sauda – the largest spiritual organization of India, Saint Dr. MSG gives method of meditation free of cost and says that, “Man can connect with God via meditation to experience the divine pleasure in this life and get free from the cycle of rebirths. The best time to meditate is 2 to 5 am in the morning, called brahma muhurta”. Over 65 million of His devotees of DSS have made their lives better.

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Saint Kabir ji says, “When the yogi reaches the state of realization, he becomes aware that the self is free of the support of the body, heaven and earth. His consciousness rises above the physical forms and then even death becomes his servant. This state of consciousness is one of unity with God.”

Saint Kabir ji on meditation Daily Bees


sri sri on meditation Daily Bees‘Sri Sri’ on meditation says that “Every human being has the need to meditate, because it is the natural tendency of humans to look for happiness that will not diminish, a love that will not get distorted.”

Meditation and Mediation

Due to fast pace of life and multiple roles to be played, sometimes family members face challenges in keeping up with each other’s expectations. People are not at same page all the time, so often misunderstandings spread roots and families drift apart.

Under the guidance of Saint MSG, experienced professional volunteers of Dera Sacha Sauda and Guruji Himself conduct counselling sessions to create a common platform to resolve family disputes through meditation and mediation, instead of approaching courts and tedious legal processes. Thousands of families have been benefited by this initiative and continue to live a well understood life with their kin.

As the famous saying by William James goes, ‘the greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another”, if we look closely, it’s our thoughts that lead to happiness or sorrow, so why not make our thoughts influential enough to make our life simpler and happier.

So go on, meditate to stay positive and choose happier thoughts to escape the loop of negative thoughts, like they never existed!