Spiritualistic Life – The Greatest Journey You Will Ever Be On


Spirituality is that which speaks about life and Life Journey.

Like the way, Chemistry gives you the knowledge of chemicals, Physics gives you the knowledge of various phenomena, Mathematics, Networking, Electronics and others impart knowledge regarding their subjects, using which you can make the best use of them, Spirituality is that science which gives you the knowledge regarding its subject; Life. It tells you how to make best use of life!

Spirituality is neither about not feeling anything nor resisting what you are feeling. It’s all about accepting your feelings and not chasing it.

spirituality is all about accepting feelings Daily Bees

Just acknowledge your feelings, don’t try to hide it from yourself. As per my knowledge that’s what you are supposed to do while practicing meditation. While you sit for meditating, thoughts do come, you need to just acknowledge it and leave it to flow.

They keep coming and going just like the waves in the ocean; sometimes small and at times big. You have to just allow them to flow, don’t resist them, don’t go against them. If you have played with the waves you’ll understand what I mean.

Similarly thousands of thoughts keep flowing, that’s natural. All you have to do is, not chasing them!

In exactly the same way, accept your feelings; if you’re feeling sad, acknowledge it. You wanna cry? Burst out when you are alone. More you resist, more you’re gonna hurt yourself. Don’t hide your emotions from yourself (please note, I am not saying the world, but using yourself). Do what you are supposed to do and leave it there. Don’t chase them!

By doing so, you’ll rise above them.

Spirituality tells you to sublimate your emotions but not to resist them!

In life, You will get problems for sure, you’ll see darkness, you’ll taste the failures, you might feel depressed as well. But what spirituality does is,

It won’t allow you drown in the ocean of depression,

It shows you the glowing light even in pitch darkness and show you the way,

It gives you the new perspective regarding your problems, it helps you decode the problems and learn, understand the precious hidden lessons, it also tells you that knowing lessons is just not sufficient,

It teaches you how to convert the failures into steps for your success.

With the help of Spiritual knowledge, one can lead a better life! It speaks everything about life; what life is, What’s the reason for this particular kind of life?, The goals, the path to reach your destination… it simplifies life. It makes life easy.

So, my dear readers, this was a nugget of Spirituality in wordly life. This is one of the steps involved in applying Spiritual science in this worldly life, making it a spiritualistic life!

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