How to Do Makeup Perfectly on Your Face at Home – 7 Super Easy Steps


Ultimate Step by Step Tutorial for Perfect Makeup

Today, we shall go through the guide on how to do makeup perfectly at home. Even if you are a beginner, you are at the right place as these are super easy steps to do party makeup at home. Whether it is festival or wedding, if you read this piece completely and follow the same, you can apply makeup like a pro.

Nowadays, everyone wants to look flawless but that’s not the issue, the main need to know is how to look flawless fast, so today we will start with this topic and will learn easy makeup steps to do party makeup at home. Here comes the steps of how to do makeup at home:

How to Do Makeup Perfectly at Home?

Believe it or not, we have put together the best and simple tutorial for makeup at home. Here is the process of how to do makeup perfectly at home.

Clean Your Face

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It should always be the first step of everyday makeup procedure. Wash your face with clean water and use a face wash according to your skin type for better and smooth look.

Apply Moisturizer

After cleaning your face, dry it a little and then apply moisturizer properly. It is very important if you have dry skin so that your makeup looks even and flakes can be minimized. So take a proper amount of moisturizer as every part of your face needs it.

Cover Dark Circles

Dark circles are easy to come and sometimes, difficult to get rid of. If you have dark circles, you need to cover them first before going on next step of everyday makeup procedure. You can cover them up with concealer.

These days, concealer is available in many brands and in different shapes; it’s super easy to apply so go for it. If you have followed the previous two steps of cleansing and moisturizing then you will not face much problem in covering your dark circles.

Pro-tip: Read on till last to find the easiest way to get rid of dark circles with just one thing.


Here comes the role of foundation. As you are done with earlier steps, now is the time to apply foundation. Just keep one important thing in mind while purchasing the foundation and that is to buy according to your skin tone as your purpose of foundation is to even your tone and not lighten it.

After all, most of you want to apply makeup for a natural look and it’s best to take products according to your natural skin tone. It’s really important to find the right shade. Don’t buy darker or lighter shade as it will not match properly on your skin for a natural look.

Eye Makeup

Some love to apply eye shadow and it looks beautiful if properly matched. Always go for natural nude color if your dress is dark as dark eye shadows catches the whole attention instead of your dress and if your dress is pretty enough, you will not want that. You can go with the shadow of color as of your dress if it’s light in color.


It is the most important part of everyday makeup procedure and I think you will find it in every makeup tutorial. Apply water-proof and sweat-proof liner which lasts the whole day. You can find it easily as there are many smudge proof eye liners and kajals are available nowadays.

You can wing it too. You can take proper time to apply it as it has to look good. Just match both the sides and move on to next step. The next step is super easy, just go for it.


Always go for mascara if you want your eyelashes to look heavy and beautiful. It really makes a difference. You can see that by applying it on one side and then comparing both the eyes. You will really love it.

Nowadays, one more thing is available for heavy eyelashes and that is fake eyelashes. Some people prefer to apply fake eyelashes but if you are going for a casual outing then only mascara will do or you can even use it on artificial eyelashes and enhance your look. Most importantly, let it dry. If you wear spectacles then wear them after applying mascara when it’s properly dried.

Beautify Lips

how to do makeup perfectly at home

Lips are mostly the ignored part in terms of everyday skin care. As your face needs sunscreen, your lips need it too and there are sun protectors available for lips in the form of some lip balms. If your lips are dry, go for glossy and if they are moisturized, go for matte.

Always buy the long lasting lip color as it’s always good if you don’t have to do touch up during your party. As much as you will care for your lips in regular, that much your lips will look beautiful after makeup-up.


Apply blusher on your cheeks; it really enhances your beauty. Nowadays, cheek colors are available in lip colors so you can apply your lip color as your cheek color. It’s super easy to apply and is the easiest step of entire makeup tutorial so; don’t miss it.

These were the step by step makeup tips on how to apply makeup like a pro and most importantly, in fast manner. Just wear the matching earrings and go to rock.

Makeup for a Party or Wedding?

So now you know how to do makeup at home, right? Believe me, follow the steps and you will not feel heaviness on your Face. That means you have also learnt how to do light makeup.

Isn’t that great? Even if you feel something is not proper, don’t worry and try it again as after few tries, you will learn how to do makeup perfectly as every single product takes some time to get in your habit of applying it properly so don’t worry at all.

Just one more thing, if you don’t want your entire search on how to do makeup at home to go waste, follow first two steps and don’t ignore them.

As now you have learnt how to do makeup perfectly at home, I will keep my promise of giving you the pro-tip of getting rid of dark circles with one ingredient. Let’s reveal it.

Almond Oil: Yes, its almond oil by which you can get rid of your dark circles easily. Let’s know how to use it. Apply almond oil around your eyes and leave it for 2 minutes and then massage it for 10 minutes with lighter hands and then clean it.

Do it for few days; and you will see the magic of vanishing dark circles.

You can also follow this procedure when you are on a busy tour.

So, now I will take your leave and I would love to hear back from you guys about these tips on how to do makeup perfectly at home. So please tell about your experience in the comment section.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to Apply Simple Makeup on Face?

  • Prepare your face by washing so that you can start with a fresh canvas and start applying moisturizer.
  • Apply foundation that matches your skin and followed by concealer. Then apply power and blush.
  • Then concentrate on Eye Makeup and Lip Coloring. For this, simply apply eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara. Then apply lip colour.
  • You are done. Now I am sure that you can feel fresh and confident.