Christmas or New Year- Celebrate yourself this festive season


There is something magical about the festivals and joyous occasions. They bring us close to our loved ones; they give us a chance to socialise and to celebrate with one and all. With the increasing Metropolitan culture and awareness, festivals are now no longer limited to specific religions. In fact, the residents of urban areas can be seen celebrating many occasions and festivals which may or may not belong to their localised cultures. Christmas is one such merry festival that is celebrated all across the world with a lot of enthusiasm. But there are many people like me, who may want to celebrate Christmas and New Year, a little differently. So today I will be talking about various options using which you can celebrate the festival while enhancing your happiness.


There are many places in India where Christmas is celebrated in a very grand way. Not only will you be able to celebrate the festival, but will also get to experience tourism adventures. Goa, Puducherry and Kerala top the charts when it comes to fabulous Christmas celebrations. So what if you do not want to travel that far or wish to visit North India? Head over to the mountains. Manali- the queen of Himachal is all white with snow during this time, and is a major tourist attraction as well. Mussouri and Nainital are other options. There is nothing like spending a quality time with your loved ones, basking in the nature and feeling the festive vibes, all at the same time.


There is an immense satisfaction that comes from helping someone in need. Try celebrating Christmas with people at old age homes. Or take some cakes, pastries and celebrate with children at orphanage. They will feel happy and their smiles will make your day. On my younger brother’s birthday, we used to visit Red Cross home for blind children as my parents used to organise lunch for them on this special occasion. The experience really changes you. Try it.

Food party

And this one is definitely my favourite as I am a huge foodie. If you love to cook, then this is your day. Try out new dishes that you always wanted to. Invite your family and friends, bake and cook for them and celebrate with all your heart (or your stomach in this case). Also, do not forget to give something to the poor. There is no happiness like charity.

Spa Day

If you just want to relax then book a spa session or an Ayurvedic massage session. Follow it up with a cup of hot coffee or your favourite tea. Meditate and do some Yoga, your body will thank you for taking care of it.

So here are some of my favourite ideas that you can follow this festive season to celebrate a little differently. What are your plans and how are you going to celebrate? Do share your views in the comment section below.