Up Your Beard Care this winters…

Whoever said that beauty is only restricted to womens? Caring for onself to have a perfect skin and hair is equally essential for men as well.


Why should girls have all the fun, Right?


Growing beard for mens can be one of the amazing things yet so stressful if does’nt care properly. And having a dandruff is one such common cause. So, here we’re discussing some easy ways to control beard dandruff this winter:-


1)Lemons can do wonders:-
Lemons can help to get free of all the flaky skin under your beard which leads to dandruff. The natural acids presents in lemons keep your skin dehydrated and control the fungus which leads to a dandruff outbreak. Squeeze a lemon in a cup of water and swill your beard with it. The dandruff will be taken care of automatically.
2) Almond oil:-
Almond oils are best if you’re looking for a one-stop solution for your beard dandruff. Endowed with high amount of vitamin E, it’s non-greasy & acts as a excellent conditioner for your healthy skin and hair which prevents the outbreak of dandruff.
3) Keep your skin clean:-
With a 24×7 lifestyle, beard grooming often takes a back seat. The most simple way to keep your skin healthy is to clean your face with cold water, twice a day. You can always use a mild moisturizer to get rid of dirt as well.


4)Use Aloe vera often:-
Choose moisturiser with aloe vera as an ingredients, it’s loaded with healing and antibacterial properties, containing vitamin E and other natural vitamins, that will soothe your itchy and flaky beard. Apply it on the affected areas and wash it off with clean water. You will see the results in few days.
5) Comb your beard:-
It is essential to Comb your beard when it’s wet and pick up a soft brush for it.
Even, The market is now has a lot of men products, which are made especially for their benefits. Why not utilise and make the best out of them? Invest in a good range of beard care products so as to have a healthy, shiny and tamed beard that doesn’t look unruly. Try out the routine to keep your handsomeness on roll.