World Day Against Child labour 2021: Why is it observed and how can we stop this menace?



The whole world marks 12 June every year as the World Day for the Prohibition of Child Labor. This day was started by the International Labor Union in 2002. The purpose of celebrating this day is to make people aware of the education of children below 14 years of age by not making them work.

India has the largest number of child labourers in the world. According to the 1991 census, the figure of child labour was 11.3 million. In 2001 this figure increased to 12.7 million.

For the safe future of the country, the time has come that you have to take this responsibility now. Would you take the responsibility of such an innocent person and support the government to stop child labour?

Table of contents:

  • Causes of child labour
  • Why anti child labour day is marked?
  • Steps to control child labour
  • Conclusion

Causes of child labour

According to UNICEF, children are employed because they can be easily exploited. Poverty is generally the first among the reasons why children do hard work inappropriate for their age. But apart from this, population explosion, cheap labor, non-implementation of available laws, parents reluctant to send their children to school (they are willing to send their children to work instead of school, to increase the family income) are some of the other reasons as well.

Why the anti child labour day is marked?

  1. As everyone is telling in every post related to child labour that the main reason for child labour is poverty. Due to poverty, parents are unable to educate their children and make them do child labour.
  2. Due to poverty and illiteracy, these people are not aware of various information and schemes, due to which they can be easily exploited.
  3. Due to the habit of intoxication and negligence, some parents send their children to do child labour in the greed of increasing the income of the family instead of sending them to school.
  4. Poverty and illiteracy are increasing due to population growth, which is the main reason for child labour. Unemployment is also increasing due to population growth, which adversely affects the prevention of child labour.
  5. Child labour is increasing due to not following the laws made to stop child labour properly.

Steps to control child labour

  1. To stop child labor, first of all poverty has to be reduced, because the main reason for child labor is poverty. Therefore, to stop child labor, poverty has to be eradicated first, so that the poor man will not send his children to work.
  2. The second way to stop child labor is the spread of education, because the illiterate person does not understand child labor. If education is promoted, child labor will be abolished and people will be aware of child labor.
  3. The third way to stop child labour is to eliminate unemployment. Because due to unemployment, people are not able to meet the expenses of their family, who get their children to do child labor. If unemployment is over, then all will send children to read and write and their childhood will be happy.
  4. The most important way to stop child labour is to spread awareness against child labour, so that people can understand that child labor is playing with the future of the country. They have to tell that the future of India, which is in these children, is becoming weak mentally and physically through child labour.
  5. Apart from this, the common man should take a firm resolution that he will not buy similar or other items from such shops where a child is doing child labor and on seeing this, complain to the police or at any other place. In this way, the general public in the government together can help in the prevention of child labor.


Child labour does not provide employment, increases unemployment of adults. Where child labor is not at the mercy of the employers, it is the result of cheap labour and exploitation. That is why today we all have to take a pledge to stop child labour. Stopping child labor is not only the work of the labor department, but it is also the responsibility of the entire society. It can be stopped only through public awareness . For this, there is a need to create awareness through rallies and seminars of school children, labor department, social welfare department and NGOs engaged in this work.


Writing Credits – Aman Brar