World Food Day 2020: Let’s Grow, Nourish and Sustain Together


World food Day is observed every year on 16th of October for celebrating the foundation day of Food and Agriculture Organisation of UN which was established in 1945.

What is the motive of World Food Day?

Food is one of the prominent needs of life, without that, life cannot be imagined. Food is one such item of life which is extremely enjoyed by people at three times of the day and it is also one reason behind the struggle for livelihood. Food is a combination of delicious meals which can satisfy the hunger of a person.

But in the whole world, this day is recognised every year not only to celebrate the tasty food items like pizza, pasta and many other eatables but to think about the food starvation. No doubt there are many people in the world who are not able to attain square meals in a day and on the other side numerous also have leftovers on their dining tables. Therefore this day is also meant to achieve the success for the dream to finish starvation from the world.World Food Day - Donate Food to Save Lives - Daily Bees

What’s the role of Food and Agriculture Organisation?

To ensure the food security for the existing human race in different nations that are fighting with hunger,. this organisation has set a goal to avail the food items which are outside the reach of an unprivileged person. It is a fact that the rich and poor, have wide gaps between each other because there are numerous affluent people who can get any food item which is liked by them and there are others who have to sleep with empty stomachs many times.

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To aware mankind which is having this privilege, towards the one who does not have is the motive of this organisation. Along with this, the expert agricultural techniques are prescribed to the nations to bring in use so that sufficient food should be provided where there is a demand.

The need of awareness about healthy diet on this day

To cope up with the fast pace of life, human beings have opted for various activities which can help them to be with the flow. Junk food or fast food is one such thing which is used by people to save their times. This is becoming the main choice of masses today which is the main reason behind the bad health conditions of them. To imbibe the significance of healthy diet among people, this day should also be celebrated to add such nutrition in our diets.

It is actually needed today that people should give up on fried and unhealthy foods and switch to the eatables which are nutritious indeed. So people should pick this day as a reminder to join the healthy lifestyle and healthy diet which is extremely important for life.

World Food Day celebration in the world

This day is recognised all over the world every year and more than hundred countries of the universe are celebrating this day with different themes and activities. Along with the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations, other esteemed organizations also put their efforts to make this day acknowledged.

To combat hunger in the world, various nations are united and provide food security in sections of the society where people are dying with lack of food. In the world, numerous food banks are organised by different organizations in which food items are donated by people as a charity for the needy one. The main focus is given to rural areas where people are facing extreme poverty and these firms are providing meals to them in all possible ways. So let’s be a food hero and help people in need. Millions of people are already food heroes donating food to the underprivileged.World Food Day - Let us Grow, Nourish and Sustain - Daily Bees

It is easy to begin a charity at a small level by donating food to others, if you actually have a desire for charity work. So on this day you can make it your habit to save food and donate it to the one who is struggling to get a substantial meal rather than throwing it in bins. We should reach out to the areas where people are dealing with poverty and are helpless to sleep while having nothing to eat. We can also opt for fasting in a week for one day and saved food can be distributed to the unprivileged.

We can inspire others to be a part of a campaign to end starvation and save lives with our small initiative because just because of malnutrition the mortality rate if children is rising day by day in the weaker sections of society.


The motive of the world food day is to inform the masses about helping those who are in need and suffering with hunger as well as to guide people about the importance of a good diet in life. We should indulge in enjoying the delicious food but at the same time we should also be kind towards others who need it.


Writing Credits – Mandeep Kaur