6 ways to stay grateful everyday


Gratefulness is the secret of happiness in life as gratitude can make any person thankful for whatever he or she receives in life and inspires to maintain positivity. Life is the most beautiful gift of God so we should appreciate it before it can be passed. As Ferris Bueller says,” Life moves pretty fast. If you do not stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it”.

A life can be contented and well lived if one is full of gratitude and thankfulness towards it. To be negative in life is easy because of a lot of distractions and tensions in life. Moreover, being grateful is advantageous for the mind and health of a person as it enables one to be focused on the positive side of life. It is still hard to cultivate gratefulness in one’s personality but here are some ways to be thankful for life .

Be an observer of your attitude

It is crucial to notice our emotions and moods. There are numerous situations where it is quite obvious to be upset or frustrated but if we try to divert our mind towards the good part of circumstances then definitely we will not lose our temper and stay calm. To exemplify, if one is rejected from one job opportunity then he has to take this as a next opportunity instead of feeling low or failing. So, it is only the way of taking things in life. If we keep our attitude positive and try to find something good in every bad situation, we will learn the art of gratitude.

Show gratitude to others.

One should never leave any stone unturned if he wants to gain empathy in own nature in thanking and appreciating others. It is a universal truth that every individual is a bearer of some qualities therefore it is necessary for us to recognise individual goodness and expertise. If we consider the good in others’ personality then we will surely learn it. Additionally, if we praise others then this will create a good bonding and sincere relationships. Consequently, we will get satisfaction in life and stay humble.

Be thankful for the Almighty.

It is of utmost priority to practise gratitude in life, then nothing will be wrong. We are blessed with good mental and physical health, good family and resources of life. We should thank the Almighty for all these priceless gifts. It is well said that Almighty is the saviour and creator of this whole cosmos. It is his choice to keep it or destroy it. One must be habitual to be grateful for God in the morning and evening regularly. This can be followed with meditation which can enhance the self confidence of a person as well. We should be thankful for every achievement in life and get strength for all challenges of life through prayers.

Never compare your own happiness with others.

The earth is land of Karma, whatever we have sown we shall reap the same, so why do we get envious of others? It is a common thing for humans that we cannot tolerate it if others are happy. However, this jealousy further breeds the anxiety and restlessness in our life which is extremely painful. Hence, we should be glad to see others doing well in their lives as this will keep us positive and motivated to get success in life. It is often seen that people who are appreciative of others’ victory in life are the happiest in life and they maintain their track of success smoothly.

Be a good recipient

Life is a cycle of odd and even situations. To practice the skill of gratitude, people should stay neutral in life in all the thick and thin of life. Whenever we are in trouble then we should switch to meditation and try to stay positive. We will get solutions to problems soon. One should never start criticizing his fate or God for all his difficulties. This results in breeding more tension and failure in life. Despite this, we should be grateful for whatever we receive from God whether it is pain or perk. This neutral point of view can lead us towards happiness in life.

Keep a Gratitude Journal

As I have started with a note that life is moving at a fast speed so it is quite usual to forget about the things and persons to whom we should show gratitude. If we keep a record of all blessings of life in the form of worldly pleasures and people who are the pillars of strength and positivity. The timely response of gratitude can make us happy as well as people around us. We should have a look at this journal regularly to be grateful for all the comforts of life. This way of life can build good personality traits in us.

In conclusion, I recommend that if one knows how to be grateful in life then he can gain all the success and lead a happy life because getting luxurious life is possible but to have pure satisfaction and happiness in life is a tough job. So be grateful for everything. Start it right now.

Writing credits – Mandeep Kaur