9 ways to make your father feel special on this Father’s Day


The father, best mentor, the best guardian, and many more to say, plays thousands of roles in our life. Unlike a mother, the role of a father is appreciated to less extent. A child learns many things from father that nobody could ever teach. Father’s love is kind, honest, faithful and selfless.

Father pays duty towards his child every day every moment so every day will be a Father’s or Parents’ Day. But one day in a year is fixed to make your Father feel special. This day is meant to recognise the infinite efforts and contribution of all Fathers in the world.

Father’s Day is celebrated Annually on the 3rd Sunday of June in various corners of the world. This day was started in the US. On this day, we thank Fathers for their endless efforts and a lot of sacrifices they make for the happiness of their child. This is a Diamond holiday for all. In Australia and many catholic countries, Father’s Day is held on the First Sunday of September.

On this special day, it’s our responsibility to make our father feel special as it is the Best Paternal Bond.

Here are some ways to celebrate this beautiful day:-

  1. Memorise your family roots with Your father and watch old photo albums, and focus on getting a deeper look into your family’s past and now present day. This will give peace and quiet a happiness.
  2. Make beautiful cards specially handmade and use old photographs of your father and make him feel special with beautiful quotations.
  3. Have fun in the kitchen together by trying various recipes. Wow, him with all the delicious dishes of his choice!
  4. One of the easiest way to impress your father is to make a surprise Trip. A trip to nearby home is also a good idea. You can also do it in your backyard if cannot go out. Pack up your food and enjoy the sunshine with all your favourites.
  5. Play the games and movie of his choice to feel relaxed and happy.
  6. Go out and spend time with the beauty of Nature.
  7. Plant Trees to remember this day. It will benefit you with pure oxygen and make our environment fresh.
  8. Listen to some Pious Holy sermons and Meditate to bring positivity to this special day.
  9. Gift some Holy Books or scriptures to have a positive mindset and it’s the best usage of time to read them.

Everything we do for our father is little as compared to his efforts. Love of Mother can be expressed freely but the care and sacrifices, a father does are undefined. But we can make him happy throughout life by following his footsteps.

Experienced writers wrote some quotes about the Infinite love of a Father:

He promised us that everything would be okay. I was a child, but I knew that everything would not be okay. That did not make my father a liar. It made him my father.” From Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran Foer

Happy Father’s Day… !!! Pay thanks to your father and pray for his better health and always being with him wherever he needs you and serve him with the best of the best

Writing Credits – Jyoti Gautam