Father’s Day: The Power of A Dad in Child’s Life is Unmatched


Father’s Day 2021 – Let’s make our Fathers feel special on this day!

Father’s Day is a day to honor fatherhood & appreciating all the fathers for showering their unconditional love & affection to us. On this day, we should be thankful to our fathers & father figures who sacrifice a lot for our survival.

This is the day when we should let them know, how much he valued us.  We are facing the second wave of Covid-19 pandemic worldwide, and it will take time to settle everything to normal. So, it doesn’t mean that we can’t make him feel special. We will discuss below how we can make this day very special to our Father. This day is celebrated to acknowledge this precious & unconditional bond of love.

Let’s know more about this day & discuss the epitome of sacrifice & unconditional love.

Father's Day 2021 - Daily Bees

When is Father’s Day celebrated worldwide?

Father’s day is celebrated worldwide to make Father’s feel special & to let them know how much valued they are to us. This day is celebrated worldwide in March, May & June.  In Catholic countries of Europe, father’s day has been celebrated on 19th march as Saint Joseph’s Day since the middle ages.

And in America, United Kingdom, Canada, and India & in many more countries it is celebrated on third Sunday of June month annually. In India, it’s not a public holiday & it is mainly celebrated in megacities like Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Hyderabad, and Bangalore. In India, this day is celebrated with full of love.

What’s the History behind celebrating Father’s Day?

Father’s Day was first celebrated on 19th June 1910 in the USA. There was a woman named Sonora Smart Dodd, who was inspired by American Mother’s Day celebrations, the father is also playing an equally important role to raise their children, so, she plans a day to honor fathers.  Her father William Jackson Smart raised her & her five siblings after her mother died, so that was why she proposed the idea of father’s day.

It was declared later in 1966 to honor fathers; President Lyndon Johnson passed the first presidential proclamation that third Sunday of June month as Father’s Day. And in 1972, President Richard Nixon signed it into law that this day was made a permanent national holiday.

Father: A Protector, Role Model & Guide

Father’s love is unique in this world because children are a precious gem of every father’s life, He nurtures them full of unconditional love, affection & makes them physically & mentally strong to fight with any situation in their life. And yes, he played the role of protector; with his guidance, they can conquer the world.

He is the only person who gives wings to the dreams of their children. He is the only man who takes every situation wisely & calmly. He is the role model of their children whom they follow for their lifetime. And the father is the person who stands by their children at all moments.

Father: A support system of a family

Father is a backbone of a family. He is a strong personality & supporting system for the family monetarily & morally. He remains stable in every thick & thin. He is a protective shield for his family whatever it is.

He must be appreciated for his selfless love and for his wonderful & hilarious nature towards family & society too. His every action & work is for the betterment of their family.

He is the best guide & inspiration for other family members to go beyond their limits & do their best in their lives. We should be grateful towards our father & father figures for showering their selfless love on their family without any second thought.

How Father’s teachings influence the life journey of their children?

We see that both parents raised us at their level best, mothers nurture the children with love, affection & moral values, and father makes their children physically & mentally strong, kind, honest & knowledgeable.

From early childhood to adolescence, our father taught us everything, to make us skilled person & a great human being. His teachings help us at every point of our life which makes our life smooth & wonderful.

In India, mostly people are religious & they up bring their children with religious values, so that children spend time in remembrance of God from childhood only & they become great human beings &with ethical values.

Father is the role model & superhero for his children& they want to become like his father. His teachings help their children to get success in every field & through his teachings, one can conquer the world. So, this is the day when we can show our love towards our superhero & best friend. And make him feel that he is the best father in the world.

How we can celebrate Father’s Day during a pandemic?

We all are suffering from the second wave of corona virus pandemic, so, everything is not properly opened yet but it can’t stop us to show our love & affection towards our fathers.

We can do celebrate this day at home to make him feel special, like:

  1. We can prepare three meal course of that day by own to make our father feel special by including his favorite dishes.
  2. We can bake a cake for him to make him feel happy & we can also decorate our father’s room to give him different vibes.
  3. We can watch a movie with our father, and can also go for a long walk and do heart heart conversation with him.
  4. We can gift him handmade cards & greetings.
  5. If we are not with our fathers & can’t reach them physically, in that case, we can order online food for him & can also order some gift for him which suits him best, like if your father loves gardening then we can order some advance equipment, if he is electronic lover then purchase any gadget for him. If he is a reader then order 1-2 books for him, this all will give him pleasures from inside.
  6. If we are far behind our father then we can make a zoom call or video call at any other platforms, so he will able to see us & feel amazing.

With all these ways, we can make him feel special, our ultimate purpose is to show him that how much he is important to us. We should never neglect his sacrifice which he did to raise us.


When our father smiles, we feel alive & we live twice by seeing his priceless smile. Let’s make our father feel top of the world & pledge to do full efforts to fulfill his dreams for us.

Writing Credits –  Paramjeet Kaur