Women Equality Day 2022 : Background, Significance and Celebration of Women’s Equal Rights

Celebration of Women's Equal Rights


Women’s Equality Day
In today’s world females are setting examples for everyone. Women are giving their best to balance the difference between them and their counterparts. Every year Women’s Equality Day is observed on 26th August to realize the aim of pure equality for females. This day is a turning point in the lives of American women who got their right to vote for the first time in history.

History of the Day
The celebration of this day is entirely related to the historical moment of 1920 when women in the USA got the right to vote. Bainbridge Colby, who was the president in charge of the state , proclaimed that from now on women would have eight to vote. In consequence, women started playing a major role in the making of new governments and electing new officials. It sounds quite good to have a constitutional right to vote but the struggle behind the occurrence of this moment was tough. It was believed by the famous philosopher Rousseau Kant that women are not suitable for taking any serious decisions. They are beautiful creations of God but unfit for serious involvement in works.
However, women have put all these thoughts down by milestones in every field whether it is science, creative arts, defence, home, or any other. They are proving themselves perfect to bear all responsibilities related to major occupations. In Scientific World, Mary Curie found radioactivity ,Amrita Pritam created masterpieces in literature and poetry and there are many others who thought out of the box to place themselves in the popularity line of the world. Therefore, women and men who are efficient enough can get equal opportunity.

Active Organizations
As above mentioned, getting such a place in society was not possible without active participation of some organizations such as Equality Now and Womankind World. These organizations brought huge change in the status of merely voting to actively playing a role in the activities of the nations. Education and employment are key elements to uplift the position of females in the world because they got skills and knowledge to beat the patriarchal society. In past, women were victims of discrimination, sexual abuse, and suppression but these organizations are making solutions of these issues to meet the desired results. It is a long journey to achieve this success because still in some societies females are bearing these evils.

The celebration of the day
In the USA every year the President reads this proclamation.

Today, as we celebrate the anniversary of this hard-won achievement and pay tribute to the trailblazers and suffragists who moved us closer to a more just and prosperous future, we resolve to protect this constitutional right and pledge to continue fighting for equality for women and girls”.

Some other ways are also here as
We can start our research about this movement of equality and the important people who played a major role in realizing such a great day for women.
Secondly, if we want to give tribute to women who are great achievers of their time while facing numerous opposite situations. You will find many , just make their posters , or find their pictures online and share on social media platforms to create awareness about this day.
It will be a wonderful way to clear your board if you are a business holder to provide equal pay and promotions to both gender employees. This will imbibe the feeling of equality among your employees and boost their confidence and energy to shape the performance of your company.

One can also visit a women’s museum where one can collect an abundance of knowledge about women masters who rule the world with their talent.
Educational institutions can play vital role in the celebration of this moment while organizing some quiz and debate competitions to highlight the success of females.
To conclude ,
Every woman should be proud to be such a unique creation of God. One needs to speak of something wrong happening with them. Authorities should be active to help promote the growth of females in the society.