BRAHMASTRA Part one : Shiva – Film Review


Brahmastra, a thriller, fantasy based adventurous film of 2 hour 47 minutes, describing about existence of mythological things such as weapons and creatures is directed by Ayan Mukerji and is released on 9 September 2022 in India.

Budget – 410 cr. appox

1st day collection – 75 cr. approx and is estimated to be Rs.100 cr. on weekend

About Movie : The story is about a boy named Shiva, ( played by Ranbir Kapoor), a girl Isha ( played by Alia Bhatt) their love story and how they fight with villains .

Best things about movie:

  1. Thrilling VFX: VFX used are too good and cqn be taken as a benchmark by other movie makers when it comes to the level of VFX in movies.
  2. One of the best BGM: Has the perfectly placed beautiful BGM’s especially those which are used with the Astrās.
  3. Storyline : Best storyline, especially the part consisting superheroes who tried to save world like Hollywood’s Avengers movie. It can potentially make India’s own superheroes: as we Indians are much attached towards mythology and it is also very important to our Indian heritage and culture, thus, movie can be hit and well loved.
  4. Wonderful Cameos : there was surprised cameos in the movie, which are perfectly set and succinctly show the two sides which will be at war in the rest part of movie.
  5. Awesome performances: Amitabh Bachchan and especially Mouni Roy brought their characters to life with their performances. Nagarjuna has a small, but a very impactful role that he pulls off, is the hallmark of a seasoned actor.

Cons of movie:

  1. Horribly paced romance plot: the romance between the male and female protagonists is very important in the movie but it was blazingly rushed with terrible dialogues which looks like forcing the chemistry between the two.
  2. Terrible screenplay: one of the most egregious example of this the movie leads travelling to Varanasi to protect someone from the antagonists but they are spending their time on romancing to Kesariya, wasting precious time.
  3. Irrevalent dialogues: Core concept of the movie is that the fate of the world hangs in the balance but this is not reflected in the protagonist’s interactions with rest of the people in the Astrāverse.
  4. leads: Shiva is written similar to Ranbir’s characters from YJHD which is not like someone who is mature enough to take the mantle of the Earth’s protector. Isha’s character is nothing but of a passive lover interest with nothing to achieve other than loving Shiva, whom she met a few weeks ago and thus making her entire existence in distress and is saved by the people who can handle the Astrās.

– Final Thoughts on movie : I wish there was some unexpected twist which would keep audience engaged for the next part of the movie. Still excited for Part 2 because it might be more about the villain and less about the cliched love story of leads and will mark more emphasis on various powers related to Astrās.