A Doctor is to Body, What the Lord is to Soul


Being a student of medical sciences, I’m often asked that why did I choose medicine, why the hard journey? Why go through it all? My response is always same. I didn’t choose the field of medicine; the field chose me. The desire to help others is unexplainable. It’s only us who truly understands what we do and why we do it. It’s a remarkable feeling to do what we love the most. Because it doesn’t feel like work!

Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy Daily Bees

Well, it’s 1st of July, a day to pay honour to one of the most respectable profession of our society. Yes, you’re right it’s Doctors Day! This day is celebrated every year all across the world on 1st of July, in the remembrance of Dr B.C Roy, the most famous and legendary physician. He also served as the 2nd Chief minister of West Bengal. The purpose to celebrate this day is to aware the common people about the important roles and responsibilities of the doctors as well as entire medical community.

So here we are sharing two beautiful stories with you which are worth reading, on this Doctor’s Day!

Miss World 2017 – Manushi Chillar

Manushi Chillar is a medical student who was crowned with the prestigious Miss World 2017. She has been already crowned as Femina Miss World 2017 on June 25th, 2017.
Manushi Chillar was born in Haryana, India. Her father, Dr. Mitra Basu Chillar is a scientist at the Defence Research and Development Organization, while her mother Dr. Neelam Chillar is an associate professor and Department Head of Neurochemistry at the Institute of Human Behavior and Allied Sciences.

Manushi Chillar Daily Bees

Chillar studied at St, Thomas School in New Delhi, and is pursuing a medical degree at the Bhagat Phool Singh Government Medical College for Women in Sonipat. Her parents often say that their daughter is gifted. In her childhood, she liked playing with dolls and used to dress herself. Somewhere inside she also wanted to serve the people. She scored 96% in Class 12th boards and topped the CBSE in English examination. Along with this, she will continue her medical carrier as Chillar wants to be a Cardiac Surgeon.

World’s Oldest Surgeon – Alla Llyinichna Levushkina

This beautiful 87 years old surgeon from Russia conducts more than a hundred operations a year, with zero fatality rate.

The Russian newspaper, Kommersant has published an interesting set of photos of this lady who still works as a surgeon in the hospital. When she was a child, she wanted to be a geologist, but books about doctors inspired her to become a surgeon. So, she became one.
Before an operation starts, an assistant brings her a small platform to stand on as her height is 4’9″. This woman with observant eyes is the oldest surgeon but her hands never shake. During 67 years of her work, she has performed about 10000 surgeries.

World's Oldest Surgeon - Alla Llyinichna Levushkina Daily Bees

She didn’t marry and hence has no children, but she takes care of her eight cats whom she had saved from death. Birds are always flying around her windows because she feeds them too. She was recently awarded the prize for the best doctor in Russia, for her loyalty to the profession.

She said once, “I work and everything. I have nothing to do in retirement. Doctor- It is not just a profession, a way of life.”

Personally, she is my idol. It doesn’t matter whether she is Indian or Russian, but her passion, loyalty and deep feeling of care for others make me one of her die-hard fans.

The profession of a doctor is perhaps the most respected, for it serves the society. Among them are some spectacular people who selflessly serve all their lives to lessen the sufferings of others. May God bless them all for keeping the humanity alive!