World Suicide Prevention Day – Let’s create hope by extending a helping hand


World Suicide Prevention Day

Every year 10th September is the day observed as World Suicide Prevention Day internationally. The day is mainly focused on Suicide prevention so that number of lives can be saved. The statistics of suicide attempts are quite threatening. The International Association of Suicide Prevention and World Health Organisation play key roles to celebrate this day worldwide. The former organization is entirely dedicated to stop Suicide occurrence to improve the present situation.

Agenda of the day

As a part of this competitive and fast paced life people get stressed easily. Nobody knows where and who is suffering and shattering inside from problems of daily life. At the end the only solution they find is suicide as the life will end so the difficulties will. The statistics share quite a worse picture as in every 40 seconds someone is planning to give up on life. In 2019 in only American regions 98000 people died due to Suicide and the 20 more people attemped to do so in every case. The low income countries are mainly affected by this issue as a financial crisis forces people to take this extreme step. This is an extremely horrific situation to handle because life is priceless. Once it is gone the only regret will be left behind. Thus, the main focus of the day’s observation is to offer a hand of help for such people who are lacking hope in life. By  promoting collaborative action we can get success to curb the situation. There should be stakeholder engagement and self empowerment in the society to address such issues as well as the at risk groups of people like youngsters and students. There should be easy access to counsellors who can guide people about problems related to home school or workplace.

Theme of 2022

It is true that such unpleasant incidents affect not only the immediate family but society, nation and world as whole. The loss of life is quite big for other people of our community in which the person goes through.  The root causes of Suicide many times is related to financial problems, mental health, social issues and other barriers including lack of health care. These difficulties make people helpless and they get defeated from struggles of life. During the time of pandemic people got stressed and at many places there were increased cases of depression and suicidal behaviour.

This year, the theme of the celebration is Creating Hope through Action which implies that everyone being a part of society can create hope for suffering people. It does not matter what your profession is, you can be actually a life saviour if you get success in infusing hope for life. We can make it possible as teachers, actors, businessmen, and religious speakers. The governments of nations can initiate to save these lives by providing help.

Influential Resources

Suicide can be prevented if timely help and support is provided to victims. The barriers of help need to be removed to save life. It can be picturised through movies, tv programs and media reports so that people can get knowledge that no problem is bigger than hope in life. Stress and trauma can be managed through proper counseling and help to end the root of such behaviours. There is a need to be separate centres in healthcare departments which can provide such facilities to affected people. A proper health care for this issue should be given to people so that they can get better in living and thinking. Work opportunities can help in low income countries.

Sometimes people think it will be a disadvantage for them if they share their problems with others. This is the main point that needs to be addressed so that people can open up their minds without any hesitation and timely help can be given. Social media can play pivotal role in helping people of suicidal ideation. If good documentaries of life winners who had defeated Suicide in past are made and spread on social platforms many lives can be saved. It will serve like lessons and counseling for individuals who are at risk.

In conclusion, many people face such phase of life where they think for Suicide and many do it. Therefore, such international initiatives can make people aware about the cost of life and they can live happily ever after.