Bhai Dooj 2020: Why & How It Is Celebrated In Various Places & Gifts Given


India is the land of festivals. There are different festivals for various religions. All the people celebrate their festivals according to their tradition and culture but Bhai Dooj or Bhaiya Dooj is the festival that is celebrated all over in India with full ecstasy. Bhai Dooj is the festival or moment that expresses endless love between siblings (brother and sister).On this festival, sisters pray to God for their brothers well being and prosperity.

Shubh Muhurat of Bhaiya Dooj

The festival of Bhaiya Dooj falls on 16th November 2020 Monday & celebrated by Hindus on the second lunar day of Shukla Paksha of the Kartika month of Vikram Samvat Hindu Calendar. This moment is celebrated during The Diwali festival or Tihar festival and The Holi festival. The shubh Muhurat to celebrate this occasion is from 1:10 pm & 3:18 pm this year.

Regional names

Each state has its own name for this festival like in the North part of India it is famous as Bhaiya Dooj. This occasion comes after Diwali. During this festival, brothers show their immense love & care towards sisters. It is widely celebrated by Awadhis in Uttar Pradesh.

In Nepal, this festival is known as Bhai Tika. Nepalese celebrate this moment after Dusshera or on the fifth day of the Tihar Festival. It is generally celebrated by the Khas people. In Bengal, this festival is known as Bhai Phonta. It falls on the second day every year after Kali Puja. In Gujarat, Maharashtra, and Goa its commonly known as Bhai Beej, Bhav Bij, Bhau Beej. In the southern part of India, it’s known as Yam Dwitiya.

Why we celebrate Bhai Dooj?

Bhai Dooj is the second festival after Raksha Bandhan that shows the sacred relationship between siblings. There are various stories behind this festival. The first one on this day Yamraj (The God of Death) visited his sister home Yami, who welcomed him with an aarti and applied tilak on his forehead. In return, Yamraj gave her wonderful gifts and love. Yamraj declared that any brother who would receive an aarti and tilak from his sister on this day should never be afraid of death that’s why this day is also called as Yama Dwitiya
Another story to celebrate this auspicious day is that Lord Krishna visited his sister home Subhadra after killing the demon Narakasura. Her sister welcomed him with flowers garland & apply tilak on his forehead and offers sweets. So it’s believed that the festival of “Bhai Dooj” was born from there.

Difference between modern and ancient Bhai Dooj

The day of Bhai Dooj is very special for every brother and sister. If we talk about the ancient period or olden time this festival was celebrated by performing lots of rituals and various preparation were done to make this day beautiful. As a seat of rice flour is made for this celebration. Sisters put a paste of rice & sindoor on the hands of their brothers. Then they offer flowers of kaddu, betel nuts, betel leaves, and coins in the palms of their brothers. Sisters chant mantras while pouring water into the palms. Then kalawa is tied on hand, tilak on the forehead, and aarti is presented.

As time has changed, the significance of each celebration has declined because most of the people are busy with their duties. They celebrate this day on video calls through Skype or WhatsApp. Sister wishes happy Bhai Dooj to her brother and prays to God for his better future, In return, brother sends gifts for loving sisters as a token of love.

Celebration in different cities or states

The celebration of Bhai Dooj takes place all over the world in various styles.

In Punjab, sisters invite brothers to their homes, arrange delicious meals and sweets. Afterward, this ceremony is being performed by applying tilak on the forehead and sisters pray to God for a prosperous life for her brother.

In Bihar, this celebration is entirely different from other states. As the day begins with Govardhan puja where all the sisters make idols of Lord Yamraj by using Cow dung & worship lord Yama to protect their brother’s life from every trouble. Sisters tie cotton kalawa on the wrist & apply tika on the forehead of their brothers and offer Bajri as a sweet dish. One of the main features of this state celebration is that sisters curse and abuses their brothers before pricking their tongue as punishment and asking forgiveness. In return brothers bless them.

In West Bengal, this day is celebrated with fervor and spirit. Sister keeps fast until all the ceremonies are completed. She applies a tilak made from sandal, ghee ,and kajal on her brother forehead and prays to God for his safety. Kheer and Coconut ladoos are the main dishes that are made on Bhai Dooj or Bhai Phota

In Maharashtra, Haryana, Gujarat and Goa this day is celebrated as Bhav Bij. Sisters draw a square on the floor where all the rituals are being performed. It’s a gala time for all the family members.It is believed that girls who don’t have brothers they worship the moon.

In Nepal, Bhai Tika is a five days long festival. Sisters used to apply seven-colored long tika on the forehead and prays to God for good health and wealth for their brothers.


Both brothers and sisters offer gifts to each other.To make this moment large and special brothers like to give gift hampers of chocolates,chips,dry fruits and so on
Nowadays brothers or sisters order personalized gifts like photo cushions, mugs, photo frame and photo on the cake.


At last, I want to highlight that there is a unique relationship between brother and sister. They play, fight, share secrets ,and admires each other. Every day is a celebration for both of them because they share strong bonds.

On the same day of the festival, Chitragupta Pujan is also done. It is believed that Lord Chitragupta appeared from the inner side of Lord Brahma.

Writing Credits – Silky Setia