Harmful Effects of Smog and How Dangerous it Could Be?


Causes and Harmful Effects of Smog on Environment

I was listening to news and surfing internet, everywhere people are stressed about smog. People are prone to dirty air. Now the question arises, can’t we even breathe normally? We can but with precautions. At least for few days, we should focus on measures that can prevent the harmful effects of smog or at least reduce them. I will also discuss the methods by which you can prevent such hazardous pollutant from occurring in future.

Harmful effects of smog
Causes and Harmful Effects of Smog on our Environment.

Let us know What is Smog?

It is an air pollutant which is very hazardous to take inside lungs. Smoke + fog give rise to smog. It is made up of nitrogen and sulphur oxides, ozone. These days, you will also come across the term- Man made smog. Now what is it? It is derived from industrial and vehicular emissions.

Let us have a basic understanding of different Types of Smog.

Volcanic Smog: This is rarely seen when sulphur dioxide and other gases coming out from volcano reacts with moisture and oxygen in the presence of sunlight.

Photo-chemical Smog: this is the most common type of smog which is caused due to hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides.

Sulfurous Smog: Originates generally when high concentrated sulphur oxides are released.

So now when you know what smog is, you can really do something to reduce its effects! Let’s discuss.

Stay Indoors

Yes, you can really reduce the exposure to a great extent by not going outside to open areas and just by staying at home or indoors, you can safeguard yourself. As it is not possible to stay all the time at home, so read out the next point.

Check the Timing

Check for the smog on net in your area that at What Time of the Day, it is comparatively safer to go outside. Go out at that time.

Reduce Transportation As Much As Possible

Only transport if it’s a necessity. Reduce it as much as possible and try not to use personal transportation as it will lead to more of vehicular emissions and contribute to man-made smog. So try to use public transportation.

If Outside, Take These Measures

Avoid congested areas full of traffic. Try to take the route of less congested area with less traffic. It will lead to less pollutant intake and thus preventing yourself from harmful effects of smog.

Buy a Face-mask

If you need to stay outside for a longer time, buy a face-mask preferably with pollutant filter so that you can Protect Yourself from the exposure.

Use ACs

AC not only cools down the environment but also do conditioning of the air. After all, its name is Air Conditioner which means it conditions the air. It removes the dirty pollutants from air. If someone says it is cold, then also it can be used. Set the temperature higher.

Air Purifiers

Nowadays, ads about air purifiers are on TV. These are also an option to protect ourselves. We should not forget that prevention is better than cure.

So if we know this statement then let’s talk about preventive measures we can take to prevent smog occurrence. I will discuss three of them here- very easy to do.

Plant Trees

Plant trees and protect them for at least five years. Water them regularly and it will nourish your environment with healthy air.

Boycott Burning in Agricultural Fields

As you know, smog is creating so much problem to the Environment so we can at least reduce this to a very low level. At least for our own safety. Try not to burn the fields.

Pooling of Vehicles

Try to share the vehicles as like odd-even scheme applied in Delhi. Try to go together in one vehicle instead of two.

Delhi, Kanpur, Varanasi, Faridabad, Lucknow, Patna, Gaya are some of the North Indian cities affected.

We really need to Reduce the Smog. It’s the need and not a demand. Be safe!