Importance of Mental Health & 7 Reasons You Should Never Ignore


Importance of Mental Health

Surprising to see people ignoring the importance of mental health in a century where there are professional counselors available in a sufficient number. More surprising is to read about the suicide cases of professional people working in health sector.

Is it that much stigma or is it so common for people to avoid their mental health to a level that it leads to breakdown. It really gives me Goosebumps. One should never be in a situation to end one’s own life because of psychological disorder or mental pressure. Everyone should be able to take help at an early stage.

mental health disorders
Simple ways to relieve mental stress and anxiety

What is Mental Health?

It is referred to a state of well being where an individual can identify his/ her potential and cope with everyday stress, can balance the life in every aspect and work productively. It is all about mental well-being and positive mental health.

Early Signs of Mental Health

If you experience any mental health problems, your thinking, behavior and mood changes gradually towards negativity. One should not ignore the importance of mental health.

Identify Psychological Hazards at an early stage.

We can identify a person who is facing mental illness and here are some early signs to identify.

Feeling like nothing matters.
Eating too much or too little.
Sleeping too much.
Being with Hopeless feeling.
Feeling scared.
Smoking, Drinking and using any Drugs.
Instant mood swings.
Inconsistent thoughts.
Inability to perform daily tasks etc.

Need of the Hour – Mental Health Awareness Campaigns

Mental Health is a concern throughout the world, not an issue related to any specific nation. Nearly 450 million people around the world are facing one or other kinds of mental illness. Mental Health awareness campaigns are utmost important to society.

So today we will know why mental health should never be ignored and should be given importance far more than physical health. So let’s get started.

importance of mental health

Early Care on Mental Health will Give Better Results

Mental health issues should be addressed in early stages as it leads to better outcome and the person affected is free of the illness before it consumes the individual. Isn’t it great to know?

Yes, it definitely is, as we can save someone’s life and reduce disability adjusted time to a great extent by just addressing the issue early and believe me, mental illness is not that hidden. You can have the idea easily by just observing the routine of the person.

Decreased Productivity

Many underestimates the importance of mental health but it is far more important than physical health. The productivity of the individual decreases and one may not be able to do the simplest routine activities as there is a lot of pressure on the mind and the person is unable to think of any other thing and that gives rise to a vicious cycle of depression and anxiety.

On a serious note, it’s very hard on the patient’s part to handle a normal situation without feeling distressed or anxious and it is a phase where a Simple Positive Things around him/her or by noticing and lending help to the patient, you can decrease the problem to a great extent.

Benefits of Good Mental Health | Suicide Rate Decreases

You can actually prevent suicide cases by giving importance to mental health issues like mental disorders or mental disability. Saving someone’s life is considered such a noble task and this is another way of doing it.

Life Saving Step

By addressing the ongoing mental disability in your near and dear ones, you can actually save them from taking extreme steps as they might be feeling it difficult to share the helplessness they are facing inside.

Just pay attention to their routine and make sure that they are not staying alone for most of the time and never take it lightly if you notice any sign of mental illness. At early stages, simple talking can do wonders and am serious here.

Easy to Take Help and Care Your Mental Health

Nowadays taking help is so damn easy. As for most of the time, it’s only talking about what’s required and many counselors give it on phone also so yeah, you can have it sitting in your room if you are finding it difficult to go there personally.

If feasible, you might get full counseling at home only. Yeah, I would not deny that in some cases, face to face talking is a necessary part. That’s another benefit of early treatment that you might get rid of illness without medication.

Mental Disorders are Curable

Most of the issues are curable with proper counseling and some require medications but at last, the person comes back to normal life and is a happy person again. So, never hesitate to ask for help, it’s easier than you think.

It’s a loud and clear message for the sufferer that you can ask for help without thinking anything else like what would be the reaction of the other person or to what extent it would be helpful! Just ask for it.


Your counselor/doctor never reveals your personal health related details unless it is a matter of life and death so don’t worry and tell your doctor about your problems and get the relief. So yeah, even if something very personal is torturing you, share it. It’s not above your life and most importantly, it will be between you and the doctor so why not get the sigh of relief.

One should always stay happy and one should never face such problems in life but these disorders of mental health are so common that counseling sessions should be a routine part of everyone’s life as today’s world is competitive. It has its own benefits but along with that there comes the side effect of stress and that cannot be ignored at all.

So I would say that earlier the better and sometimes it brings out the best results. Mental health is really very important. We always hear and read that ‘sound mind lives in a sound body’ but I actually feel that vice-versa is equally important i.e. sound mind is important for sound functioning of the body.

What do you think? By the way, a mental health fact is that there is a global day on it known as ‘World Mental Health Day’ observed on 10th October every year. So why to ignore this issue in an era where stress is found so easily and peace is not that easy to have and I am sure that every single person on this planet strives to attain peace. After all, it’s everything that is ever needed! Am I right?

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