3 Ways To Blend Your Concealer Like A Pro


‌Concealer is a flesh-toned cosmetics stick used to cover dark spots, Pigmentation and dark circles. Foundation does a great job to at evening out your skin tone but sometimes it is not enough.  Some girls have acne pimples and dark spots on the skin which is not hidden by the foundation for hiding these spots we have to use concealer on the face. There are many ways to apply concealer on the face in the right way. When I first see the concealer it was in the liquid state. I took it on my finger and dab it on my skin you do not believe this without applying foundation I was ready to take out my day. It means that concealer is better than foundation. There are many types of concealer like a liquid concealer for oily skin. It is best for hiding dark circles. Balm concealer for oily to normal skin. Balm concealer is thicker and will stay for the whole day. Cream Concealer is for normal to dry skin it helps to look bright and refreshed. Stick concealer is for normal to dry skin. It is a semi-solid texture which helps to cover blemishes and dark spots on the skin. There are many ways to apply concealer on the face are as follow.

3 Ways To Blend Your Concealer Like A Pro

The First step is Stippling it is a pointing technique while rubbing concealer on the face it looks ugly on the face. Use a makeup brush to stippling on an around the area to hide your face problems. Allow your concealer to melt on your skin for a flawless appearance.

The second step to blend concealer on your face uses a beauty blender. Beauty Blender is a one of acne latex free makeup sponge used to apply different kinds of makeup material. By using concealer dab beauty blender in your skin softly. After applying concealer dip the rounded end of beauty blender into some powder.

The third step is Tapping if you prefer your finger to blend your makeup then it is the best technique. Take concealer on your ring finger and apply it by doing dab on your skin and see the flawless appearance. Make sure don’t rub the product on your skin it does not give you the best result. Always try to use less product and apply it perfectly than only your skin looks smooth and glossy.

So use concealer to conceal your dark spots by these three ways and get a good result.

Writing Credit:- Lovepreet Insan