Bhai Dooj – The Bond of Love & Happiness


From Dusshera onwards, festival season begins and everyone eagerly waits for the festival of lights that is Diwali, Govardhan Puja, Bhai Dooj with great zeal and enthusiasm and we celebrate these festivals with great Grandiosity.

Every festival has their own importance and a very special place in everyone’s life. But I decided to write on the very sacred topic which defines the most pious relation, a relation in which sometimes we are best friends and sometimes the worst enemies and sometimes we do care for each other but never show.

Well, you are thinking right, today I am writing about the brother-sister relation through my topic Bhai Dooj.

bhai dooj describes brother sister relation daily bees

Bhai Dooj is celebrated after two days of Diwali and the sister pray to GOD for the well being of their brothers by putting “tilak” or “teeka” on their forehead and brother give their sisters sweets and gifts. This year it is going to be celebrated on 9th November.

This festival defines the relation of brother-sister and it is called by different names in every part of the country as in Northern region it is called as Bhai Dooj, Gujarati called it as Bhai Beej, Bengalis called it as Bhai Phota, it is called as Bhai Teeka in Nepal. It may be called by different names, but the feelings of brother-sister are not different because where every sister prays for the long and prosperous life of their brother, every brother gives them promise to give them protection.

There are many myths in the society for this festival celebration. Some say that Yamraj, the God of Death visited his sister Yami on this day. Yami welcomed him with ‘aarti’, applied ‘tilak’ on his forehead and while returning Yamraj offered gifts to Yami which shows his love and affection towards her. He also said that the brother who would receive ‘tilak’ from his sister on this day should never be afraid of death.

And another popular myth is that Lord Krishna sister Subhadra welcomed Him with Aarti and applied ‘tilak’ on his forehead when He came to meet her after killing the demon king Narakasur.

In every part of the country people celebrate this festival for their own historical stories that they have heard from their ancestors. Well, very few people know these stories. They celebrate this festival for its beauty of relation as it makes the relation of brother-sister more stronger.

Brother-Sister never shows their love for each other but this festival is when they show the concern for each other and the most naughty and happiest part is that brother tease their sisters for gifts and at the end, they present them with lovely gifts which adds to the sisters ecstasy.

This beautiful relation is above all the relation as the beauty of this relation cannot be defined in words.

Happy Bhai Dooj to all Brother-Sister and of course to all the sisters who are reading this, don’t forget to take gifts from your brothers. Hahaha!!!