This Dussehra, Let’s Win Over The Devil Of Negativity Within


It is said that there’s always something to be thankful for. Do we really know how to celebrate dussehra in real sense?

And the something in today’s world is hope that truth gives us, we know truth being a fact can be misrepresented but that can never be defeated. This world stands with the power of truth. When we look above we find various things in sky but we can’t get any end of it.

Universe is wider than our thoughts, the same is with truth, no one can get a single way to defeat it and so the only way left behind is to hide it.

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Truth Holds The Ultimate Power

We Indians since our childhood are taught about how powerful truth is that time changes, situation changes but, what never changes is the truth, one of the example of truth’s victory is Dussehra, although it seems to be the ten days fight between Lord Ram and Ravan but it was more than we could have imagine.

Positivity and Negativity

There are two things in this universe first negativity and the second one is positivity. Positivity in life remains intact but it’s always surrounded with negativity. We have various thoughts in our mind and each one gives a two way idea, first is of victory and the other is of losing. Positivity is ultimate powerful and even if negativity surrounds it can never come close to it.

Positivity Always Wins

Coming back to the main topic, maybe it was of nine days fight but the last that was the tenth day it was the complete end of negativity from this world. May be this question comes to your mind that if positivity is ultimate powerful then why does it take time to gain victory over negativity? Well that’s the base of everything – Lord Ram had various chances to end Ravan in one go but even then he takes that long time. It was so because he wanted to remain silent till there was the last hope of change, Lord Ram tried to change Ravan and make him realize his wrong deeds but Ravan couldn’t realize his silence and he thought he can’t be defeated by anyone in this entire universe and as such thoughts give direction to our life. His ego put his entire kingdom in trouble. As it’s said earlier that Truth gains a victory even after travelling a long path.

Truth holds essence of positivity which ends entire route cause of negativity (ultimate destruction). Ravan’s ten faces which were representing those ten reasons that have given rise to his destruction. It was simple to say Lord Ram have ended Ravan’s kingdom but the reality is he ended the root cause of negativity from this world to re- establish this world with the power of truth.

Truth of Life

With each Indian Festival we get to find that truth is most powerful. Spirit of morals, ethics, rules and regulations: these build a human and a person without these exist but for nothing, he has life but with no life living reason. In this world we have come for some reason and that’s to end our inbuilt negativity and to experience God’s presence.
Sometimes you have to die inside in order to be reborn and rise again as a stronger and wiser version of you , we have end that root cause which is taking us back from achieving the aim of our aim, we have to end those traits and have to gain that positivity to rise again as stronger and wiser.

Let’s win over the Devil of Negativity Inside Us

There is a devil of negativity inside everyone and with many people; the problem is that this devil is stronger so they are unable to live life positively or with peace. So what kind of devils exists in people?

win over the inner devil daily bees
Negative Thoughts

Most of people either live in future or in past so it leads to negativity in thoughts and people live in fear and it snatches away peace.

Bad Habits

Many are indulge in bad habits of smoking, alcohol or drugs. Some are into gambling and much more. People are mad towards money, towards dirty pleasurable activities and others.

No Righteousness

Most of people do not walk on the path of righteousness and just are in the trap of bad deeds.

How Can We Win Over Inner Negativity?

Some people search and read positivity quotes and try to understand positivity meaning. Some try other things but the best of all is to do meditation at home every single day while starting your day. So let’s learn about meditation benefits in detail.

We should also do selfless acts of welfare and should help people. This is also very helpful in defeating our inner negativity and we really should clean our inner side this year along with cleanliness of outer world.

Meditation and Selfless Service

The meditation helps a lot in increasing our will power and thus, ultimately leading to our control on thoughts and that too with positivity.

• Meditation increases our focus and concentration and our thinking power is increased. So we get rid of our problems for which we were unable to find solution.

• It increases our will power so we are able to leave our bad habits.

• Meditation and Selfless Service gives us inner strength with which we can walk on the path of righteousness.

• It helps us in planning our days better and ultimately we attain peace.

There are endless benefits of meditation and there is nothing like that. You can achieve your goals and thus, attain happiness.

The spiritual Gurus in India tell meditation and selfless acts for mankind for attainment of peace and to defeat inner negativity. Many people attend these sessions and bring about positive changes.

There is one famous spiritual Guru in India who has millions of followers, close to 70 million and he has taught meditation to them, with which they have been able to bring positivity in their life. He is chief of Dera Sacha Sauda – Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan. Really, meditation is seriously the need of today’s world and everyone should include it in their life, daily routine actually.

How to Celebrate Dussehra in Real Sense

Do good deeds- Give needy people food, clothes; give stationary things to children, provide them with toys and bring smile on their faces. Provide and arrange for treatment of a person in need. Donate blood regularly, take pledge to donate your organs, eyes posthumously. Be a part of medical camps, help people in every possible way and you will definitely feel better and will find happiness.

Instead of gambling, drugs; one should do good deeds and spend money on doing charity. By spreading happiness and positivity in the world, you will be celebrating the true Dussehra. Isn’t it?

Lord Ram never asked to do drugs or gambling, instead he taught us to walk on the path of truth, righteousness. On this Dussehra, we should pledge to not do bad deeds and pledge to leave our bad vices and should adopt the habit of meditation and selfless service by which our path of righteousness will be easy and we will be courageously walking on it.
In the end, Dussehra wishes to all the readers, may you achieve that positivity which can make this world a better place for everyone! So what are you waiting for, bring a positive change in your life.

Writing Credits: Aakanksha