11 DIY Makeup Hacks to Make Your Life Easier

Women always want to look good and that is the reason they always ready to adopt different habits to stay beautiful. Those who are struggling with their makeup and style can make use of different hacks so that they can have the look that they want without having to exert that much effort. Today I want to introduce you to some amazing DIY Makeup Hacks.
These hacks definitely give you the Confidence Boost that you need knowing that you look good.

DIY Makeup Hacks & Beauty Tricks Every Girl Should Know

Glowing Skin

This is my favourite! Mix a drop of illuminating primer with your foundation for shiny skin. Apply a thin layer of liquid highlighter first then apply your favourite foundation as per usual.

Usage of Vaseline

  1. You can use it for daily purpose moisturizer and by adding a little bit of salt in it, it becomes natural scrub.
  2. This one is also beneficial for men as they make use of it to sooth skin after shaving.
  3. By adding a little bit of olive oil you can use it as lip mask which protects your lips from harsh summer.

Ice Cubes for Flawless Makeup

Rub an ice cube on your face before Makeup will help to close your pores, make skin tough which leads to the smooth application of makeup on your face.

For Perfect Eye look

Take a rough brush, dip it into a dark brown or whatever dark eye shadows you want and apply to your lashes. This will give you this doll looking eyelids. I prefer this method as it makes lashes look softer and more flattering. And you can do it every day!

Natural Lips Makeup

Mostly we don’t always have time or option to re-apply lipstick during the day perfectly. Apply a tiny bit of lipstick with a finger and blend it on your lips. After applying your lipstick lightly keep a tissue over your lips, apply powder by the help of brush gently over the tissue and remove tissue later. This simple hack makes your lipstick last all day long.

Perfect Curl Eyelids

You can use the hairdryer to heat up your eyelashes curler and after slight cooling use it, it gives perfect curling to your eyelids and also make it last longer.

Bigger Lips Without Surgery

To make your lips large and broaden, you need to contour them. To flatten your lips you will need a highlighter and a bronzer. Put a bronzer in the outer corners, on top and between the lips. There is another way to do so, use a cap of bottle put it on your lips and inhale air for a few seconds. After this, your lips slightly bulge out and look bigger.

Nail Paint as a Remover

Let us suppose if you required nail remover but you don’t have then you can use nail paint as a remover. A nail paint works perfectly as a nail paint remover too. Apply a coat of nail paint on nails and immediately clean it off using cloth. I used this hack personally and know definitely you also thumbs up to this hack.

Fuller Lashes for Soft Look

Who doesn’t want to have longer fuller lashes? Of course, today there are several options to improve your eyelashes such as oils, cream to make them grow longer and false lashes. But the most easier way to grow it naturally is to apply Vaseline on your lashes and eyebrows before you sleep to grow them out.

Perfect Eyeliner for Hooded Eyes

Put something straight in the outer corner of your eyes. I use a ruler or a spoom. Use the mirror to find the correct direction for the eyeliner. Now create a triangle like you always do and finish the eyeliner.

You can Use Concealer to Shape Your Eyebrows

So, Which hack you like the most? Let us know in the comments! If you also have some amazing hacks share with us in the comment section.

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