World Nature Conservation Day 2021: Why it’s important and how can we conserve nature in simple ways?


Nature is the home of the every living creature. Without it, nobody is able to survive. To preserve it accordingly, Nature conservation Day is celebrated on July 28th every year. The main aim to celebrate this day is to spread awareness about the Nature and depleting resources, to aware the masses about the importance of numerous natural things that are non-renewable. Once they deplete, will not come back. Nature provides us ample amount of facilities like food, clothes, fresh environment, so, it’s our prime duty as well as responsibility to take care of it. World nature conservation Day reminds us to use our valuable resources wisely and conserve it for our upcoming generation. Furthermore, there are also other various aspects that need to be concerned. History and origin of World nature conservation Day is still unknown, Overall the main aim of that day to save our nature from over exploitation. Let’s know more about that!

Table of contents: 

  • Why is it important to celebrate Nature Conservation Day?
  • Human activities that have negative impact on nature
  • How can we conserve nature?
  • Conclusion

Why is it important to celebrate Nature Conservation Day? 

Due to the booming global population, our nature starts to deplete. So it’s very mandatory to conserve it in Well manner. Another reason is that natural resources are non-renewable. It takes million of years for these to reform if they deplete. Nature also helps us to survive in adverse conditions by providing food, clothes and other essential things also.

For industrialization, Nature also plays a vital role. The raw material used in factories comes from nature. Wood, fossil fuels, mineral resources all comes from our nature. Natural resources helps to generate economic resources for many people as well as for nation also. So, it’s becomes imperative to conserve nature.

Human activities that have negative impact on nature

Today’s man impact nature in very negative way. And because of that unethical activities our nature has been start depleting since last many years. Let’s go through some of mankind activities that deplete nature:

Excessive use of natural resources – water, oil and forests, these resources are being extracted by humans more than their need!

In future what would we drink if we use water unwisely?

How production, transportation, food making is possible without oil?

Without forests, plants, how can we breathe?

And at last how can we survive without these resources…???

The answer of these all question are one: to use natural resources wisely to conserve them for our future generation.

Deforestation – For the sake of their personal use, humans are cutting trees constantly. Construction, agriculture, urbanization, these factors lead to deforestation. Because of that our valuable biodiversity is in threat. Millions of people depend on forests for their food.

Deforestation also becomes a threat for wildlife. The forests are the only home of wild animals and human ruin their home as well as nature by that practice.

Pollution – Ample amount of pollutants are there that are spread by mankind. Including

  • Noise pollution
  • Air pollution
  • Soil pollution
  • Water pollution

These type of pollutions are spreading by the unethical activities of human. Use of fertilizers, advanced transportation, factories and booming industrialization, these practices lead to pollution that ruin our natural resources.

How can we conserve nature? 

By knowing about the importance of nature, it becomes very important to conserve it. There are several ways by which we can save the beauty of nature:

Follow 3R rule – 3R means REDUCE, REUSE and RECYCLE.

Reduce – one should reduce the excessive use of natural resources and other various aspects that can harm our environment. Use of fertilizers, excessive use of transport, deforestation, one should stop or ban these type of activities.

Reuse – There are lots of things in your daily life that you could Reuse. Sell your old clothes, repair broken things or donate unusable things to charity.

Recycle – Recycling consists some steps by following that you can make a fresh things from any waste material. You can recycle waste bottles by making crafts or water pots from them.

Plant a tree – planting tree is a very good practice in order to save nature. By planting tree, we put a step forward towards our shining future. They give us fresh air, food, shade and save us from calamities.

Less use of transportation – Transportation become a big obstacle in the way of nature conservation. It leads to air pollution and then to global warming. One should use bicycle to ride to nearby places. Bicycle is also very beneficial for health as well it’s nature friendly.

Water consumption – Only 2.5% of water is there to drink for our future. We should take concern about that aspect. Choose the ways by which we can use water accordingly. Wash vegetables and fruits and use that for planting trees. Close the tap while you are brushing and several ways are there, by adopting, you can make that mission successful.


World nature conservation Day is the foundation for our stable society. As nature is our home, we have to fulfill our duty towards it and following the way to conserve it properly.

If our nature beauty is safe, only then we are able to survive.

  • Safe our Home
  • Safe our Nature
  • Safe our Future

Writing credits – Sukhdeep Kaur