National Parents Day 2021: History, theme, importance, ways of celebration


Parents are a precious gift given by God, like whom there is no one in the whole world. It is the parents who never wish their children ill and always pray for their progress. There is no more true relationship than parents and there are those who sacrifice everything for the happiness of their children.

Parents are the first teacher of the children who teach them to walk, teach them to speak and tell the difference between good and bad.

You must have celebrated Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and many other days till date. But do you know why Parents Day is celebrated every year on the last Sunday of July all over the world. By the way, many countries of the world celebrate this day.

In India and America, Parent’s Day is celebrated at the end of July on 4th Sunday.

So let us know what is the history and importance of this day and how can we celebrate this day and make our parents special.

Table of contents:

  • History of National Parents Day
  • Theme of National parents day 2021
  • Why and when is parents’ day celebrated
  • Importance of parents day
  • What you can do on parents day?
  • National Parents Day celebration Messages

History of National Parents Day

In Indian tradition, the status of parents is considered higher than God.

Celebrating Parents’ Day was started in the year 1994. The government of US introduced a bill to honor parents by promoting parental responsibility and improving relationships with children.

After which, the US President Bill Clinton signed and announced to celebrate Parents Day on the last Sunday of July every year.

Theme of National Parents Day 2021

The theme of National Parents Day 2021 is ‘Appreciate all parents throughout the world” .

Parents are the one who struggles and sacrifices towards their children .

Corona period has exposed the importance of family and parents. In these difficult times, people have recognized the real importance of parents.

This theme encourages appreciation of the sacrifices made by our parents for us, the work they do for our betterment. On this day, children express their gratitude towards their parents and tell them how their parents have played an important role in their life. It cannot be denied that parents have a special place in the lives of children.

Why and when is parents’ day celebrated?

The main purpose of celebrating Parents Day is to honor the special role of parents in creating a commitment, upbringing and identity in the lives of children. Also, mutual coordination in the family has to be strengthened by increasing the love and understanding between the children and the parents. On this day, children give flowers, cards, paintings, gifts to their parents.

Parents’ Day first originated in America. Since then, every year in other countries of the world, the day to honor the parents, that is, the parent’s day, is being celebrated. Where in America and india, it is celebrated on the last Sunday of July. Children celebrate with their parents in different ways. While on 8 May in South Korea and on 7 July in Vietnam, Parents’ Day is celebrated with great pomp.

Importance of parents day

Parents have been given the status of God. Mother is the ocean of love and father is the storehouse of happiness, who selflessly upbring their child. The child is brought up by the tireless efforts of the parents. Maybe that’s why they are called God. This day has special significance. Many events have been organized all over the world on the day of Parents. However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, this year people are expressing their gratitude to their parents by giving them gifts, spending time with them at their homes.

what can you do on parents day?

  1. If you live away from home or are often unable to spend time with parents due to work, in such a situation, first of all take leave from all other works on the day of Parents Day.
  2. To celebrate Parents Day, take a card or a cute gift for your parents.
  3. After this, wish your parents morning on the day of parents day and give them a hug and gift with it and wish parents day.
  4. You can cook your parents’ favorite breakfast with your own hands.
  5. You can plan to go on a picnic with your parents on this day or take them out for lunch.
  6. On Parents Day, you can send your parents on a date.
  7. Play a favorite game with them and spend quality time together.
  8. On Parent’s Day, promise your parents to change their bad habits. This will make the atmosphere of the house pleasant.

National Parents Day celebration Messages

  1. Your love is like God blessings for me. I feel so lucky, I can’t express my feelings, all I can say is that I love you very much and wish you a very happy parents day..
  2. Not a day goes by that I don’t miss you, I consider myself lucky because of you, mom and dad, you are the dearest parents in the world. Thank you for filling my life with dreams and hopes… wishing you a very happy parents day..
  3. Whatever I am today is because of you, mom and dad, your prayers help me climb the highest of the mountains every time. I can’t thank you enough for your kindness, love and care, because you are my God. Happy Parents Day..

In the same way, you can make this day even more important by making your parents feel special.

Writing credits- Aman Brar