Title: World kindness day: significance, theme and how can we contribute?


Helping and serving others without expecting anything in return is the real kindness. Kindness is an effective approach. There is no definition to explain its importance. Kindness provides not only physical help but also mental support. With a view point to raise the feeling of compassion and kindness among the people, 13th November is celebrated as ‘World Kindness Day’.


1. World Kindness Day – History.

2. Significance of World Kindness Day.

3. Theme of World Kindness Day 2021.

4. How can we contribute to the World Kindness Day?


World Kindness Day is an international event celebrated every year on 13 November. It was introduced by the World Kindness Movement in 1998 in a coalition of kindness Non-Governmental Organizations of nations. It is celebrated in many countries including Canada, Japan, Australia, Nigeria and the United Arab Emirates. In 2009, Singapore celebrated the day for the first time Italy and India also celebrated the day. In the UK, David Jamilly has also co-founded Mercy Day.

In 2012 at the request of the President of World Kindness Australia, World Kindness Day was placed on the federal school calendar and the then Minister of School Education, Early Childhood and Youth

Honorable Peter Garrett, with a declaration of support for World Kindness, Australia and more than 9000 schools placed World Kindness Day on the national school calendar. World Kindness Day, focusing on the positive force and common thread of kindness, aims to uncover good deeds in the community that binds us.


World Kindness Day was first started in 1998 by the World Kindness Movement, a 1997 Tokyo convention formed of like-minded compassionate organizations from around the world. The World Kindness Movement currently includes over 28 nations that are not affiliated with any religion or political movement. The World Kindness Movement and World Kindness Day aim to create a better world by Inspiring individuals and nations to do more kindness.

Kindness is one such quality of man which is actually considered to be the best quality. Kindness teaches us to love one another. We all need to instill this sense of kindness in ourselves. We all should have compassion for the needy, destitute and even for animals.

Kindness is an important human quality. When someone is in trouble or distress, we can be kind and help them. Any small act of kindness can help a person. The kind acts done by us can prove to be not only a boon to the recipient but also a blessing to us.

Theme of World Kindness Day 2021

Kindness Day is celebrated each year with a different theme and concept. The theme of World Kindness Day 2021 is “The World We Make- Inspire Kindness”.

It signifies the importance of kindness in the future world and enhances the upbringing of mercy in human beings. We can create a world full of kindness not by expecting it from others but by initiating at first. Being kind doesn’t cost anything but it can mean everything to the needy.

Every person should have the heavenly quality of kindness. Having compassion towards others gives a person spiritual peace and spiritual peace is such a gift which you cannot buy in any market of the world. Even God is pleased when we help His humans and in return He blesses us with a lot of grace.

How can we contribute in the World Kindness Day?

There are a lot of views in which we can be a part of this World Kindness Day and enlighten someone’s moment or day. Some of the best ways to show kindness are as follows:-

  • Compliment strangers.
  • Donate some food or money to the needy.
  • Offer a helping hand.
  • Smile at others (not unnecessarily).
  • Be polite.
  • Ignore others’ minor mistakes.
  • Try to handle public disputes calmly.
  • Make time for your family.
  • Surprise family or friends with small gifts.
  • Share your knowledge with someone who needs it.
  • Offer up your seat to the old or pregnant women.
  • Be patient

Being kind develops your personality and provides you with a different level of happiness and peace. In this world of selfishness, there is a need for everyone to be kind and selfless to make world a better place. Let us all also contribute our kindness even in the smallest way on this World Kindness Day!

Writing credits – Jiya