Title: Why are millions of people celebrating November Month?


1Day to Incarnation Day

These days, many things we see on trend list which people are talking about on social media. Among those, we saw one trend on twitter which said #1DayToIncarnationDay. Having no idea about whose day is it and why so many people are talking about it making it one of the top trends on social media, we clicked on it!

One of the tweets which we found is as under:
So basically, it is the Incarnation Day of Founder of a socio-spiritual organization located in Sirsa, Haryana named Dera Sacha Sauda. Millions of devotees of the organization are happy about the arrival of 130th Incarnation Day of Shah Mastana Ji Maharaj. That is why there is so much hype over social media.

Basically, He founded an organization which is leading millions today and these people are carrying out 135 welfare works around the globe, what we read about. But then thought arises, maybe just a little bit is being done but official records do not lie, do they! Specially when they come from international and national records books.

Here, we are talking about more than 70 world records in humanitarianism by the organization like tree plantation, blood donation, cleanliness campaigns, and much more. So, it is actually being done on a scale large enough to create and break records on world level.

Let’s know a little bit about the day and how is it being celebrated since years!

The day is celebrated at the DSS by organizing a spiritual congregation in which lakhs of people participate and listen to the holy sermons.
Various welfare works are done on the day at global level by the volunteers like providing food to the needy, donating blood, distribution of clothes according to weather to needy people and much more.

Medical camps are also organized in this month to help people so that they can get treatment free of cost or at negligible expense.
Actually, the list is never ending!

So, the day is today and it has arrived! Let’s see how are they going to celebrate it and what kind of welfare activities are being done.

The timings of spiritual congregation are: 11 am to 1 pm, on 19th of November, 2021 at Dera Sacha Sauda.

Such arrangement has been done after a long time due to risk of covid earlier. Everything will be done as per guidelines of the government. Let’s have a watch!