7 unique ways to celebrate and welcome new year 2022


The year of 2021 has come to end and the chirpings of new year can be heard. It will be the another year full of happiness, joy, laughter and numerous unforgettable memories with our loved ones. There are a lot of ways to celebrate the beginning of new year 2022. People used to visit clubs, party halls, organizes formal parties etc. and waste a lot of money. There are many other aspects for celebration. Here are most effective 7 unique ways mentioned for the beginning of new year.


  • Celebrations via helping the needy
  • Shun your vices and adopt positivity
  • Celebrations via welfare works
  • Donate blood
  • Pledge for a strong determination
  • Medical aid
  • Pledge to make “Nature” a part of your life


For the celebrations of new year, people lost too much money on drugs, liquor, gambling, etc which is harmful to health and brings a lot of negative impacts on upcoming time. Despite of wasting money on such useless activities, celebrate your new year by helping the needy people.

As the winters are on the top and still there are lakhs of people around us who are unable to get proper clothes to protect themselves from this chilling cold. It’s good to provide winter aid to such people by distributing them winter clothes, food or sweets on the occasion of new year. This is the real celebration that one should follow. If you have enough resources to sustain yourself then spend that money in positive aspect.


In the passing year we made a lot of mistakes and followed many bad habits. What sins have you committed in this passing year, ask forgiveness in front of God. Leave that vices and step forward by adopting the positivity. Let’s keep the intention strong to adopt more good qualities inside you. Take a vow not to commit the mistakes in upcoming year you made in this previous one. Always keep positivity with you and live a happy life. We can quit our bad habits by the regular practice of Meditation in the morning and evening daily.


There are many welfare works Like Tree plantation, cleanliness campaign, providing food, shelter and clothes to needy, organizing anti-drug campaigns, etc. You can collect money from your hard earnings and spent it in welfare of society. We can also follow any one of them for celebration of new year. Like plant a tree on new year and take care of it like a child until it is self sustainable, it will protect our environment. And many more humanity works to do…! These welfare works will give you positive vibes and Almighty will bless you with immense blessings and love.


As the havoc of COVID-19, dengue continues, many of the patients dies due to lack of blood. So if we are healthy, than easily donate our blood for the needy on the occasion of new year. Donating one unit of blood can save three precious lives of people. Or we can organize blood donation camps in our society so that more people engage in that and the precious lives or people must be saved. Many donate blood at regular intervals for the needy patients and till now lakhs of lives have been saved. It’s a true inspiration for society.


Whatever the wrong deeds we have followed in past year, try not to repeat them in new ones. Make a vow to work hard for your future and move forward with a strong determination. This strong determination will be maintained by regular practice of Meditation. It also helps to increase our will power so that we can easily remove negativity & bad habits and easily reach to our success without any obstacle.


As this round of diseases is going on and still there are numerous people who can’t afford the medical facilities. We can also help such people financially by getting them proper treatment where best services are provided. Or there is another way in which one can distribute the nutritious fruit kits to the patients admitted in government hospitals for their early recovery of health. This can also be a nice way to celebrate the beginning of new year.


Nature always gives us positive vibes. On this new year let’s make it a part of our life. Spend some time with beauties of nature. Spending time with nature gives us positive energy and freshness to our mind. Its better for students to watch the nature’s beauty during the intervals of study, it will increase our concentration power to focus on our goal. Its our duty of save nature’s beauty like keep feed and water on rooftops for birds on daily basis to save their lives. Try to control the harmful pollutants which are destroying the beauty of nature.


So these are the some unique ways to celebrate the new year 2022. Try to adopt these above mentioned tips in your daily life and feel the change to become better than before.
Wishing you a year full of prosperity, happiness and positive achievements!


Writing credits – Jyoti Gautam