Title: National sports day: Tribute to Hockey wizard Major Dhyan Chand


National Sports Day is observed every year on 29th August to commemorate the birth anniversary of Hockey Legend Dhyan Chand who is well known as the Hockey Wizard and The Magician.

This day is now basically recognized for the athletes and sportsperson of the nation. This day brings new recognition and appreciation to those who do something extraordinary for the sports activities of the nation.


The Hockey Wizard’s Life.

The major Dhyan Singh was born on 29th August in 1905 in Allahabad Uttar Pradesh. He was part of the British Indian Army regiment. He showed his bent of this game when he joined the regimental hockey team. He convinced many that he could possess the courage to bring the game to international level and make history. He started playing hockey in pre pre-independence period.


He played hockey for various inter-army matches and got the victory and finally he got a place in the Indian Hockey Team. He made the Hat-trick in three consecutive Olympics in 1928,1932,and 1936. He proved that dedication can make any toddler the best athlete.

Dhyan Chand the name he got just because he used to play in moonlight so he was better known as Dhyan Chand. He loved his game so passionately that the world was forced to think what is the secret of his such talent. He played hockey from 1926-1948 and illuminated the name of a nation in the whole world with his flair. He mostly did his duties in the army dedicatedly during the day and did practice at night. His tireless efforts popularized him. In this way, hockey is still known with his name in the world. His sports career involved 185 matches and he scored 400 goals in his life.

He retired from Punjab Regiment in 1956 and got the third highest civilian award Padma Shri in the same year. He paved the way to acknowledge the sports talents of other natives of India. The legendary star of Hockey was diagnosed with cancer in the last years of his life and Dhyan Chand died on 3rd of December 1979. To mark the importance of his playing career, Indian government had done many initiatives. Firstly in 1979 postal stamps were issued under his name and National Stadium was named as Dhyan Chand Stadium. Year after year many steps are taken to highlight the significance of sports. In 2018 the Prime Minister Narendra Modi had established the Khelo India.



The specification of this day.

On 29th August every year one awards distribution event is organized at Rashterpati Bhawana and the Rising stars of the various sports activities are honoured by the President by giving them prizes.

Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna award is now known as Dhyan Chand Khel Ratna award and is the highest sporting reward for players of India. Every year ministry of youth affairs and sports disperse this honour.


Arjuna award is the honour in sports for republic of India which is originated after the name of one important character of Indian religious epic story Mahabharata as The Arjuna possessed best tacts and technique of shooting.


Dronacharya award is given to best coach in sporting activities who give their best to polish the sporting skill and valour in the playersplayers which again based on the Guru Dronacharya who taught best technique to his disciples in Mahabharata.



To emphasize the significance of being fit and promote the spirit of sports among players of the nation, such days play a vital role. As on this day in Haryana, Punjab and Karnataka various sports events are organized and awards are distributed to enhance their love towards games.


Therefore, the birth anniversary of the most vigorous player is celebrated in the right context to flourish the sports and players and to promote their enthusiasm towards these activities this day is totally dedicated.

Writing credits – Mandeep