Time Management Tips For Students: Effective & Powerful


Get Faster Results With These Time Management Tips

Proper planning prevents poor performance, competition is getting tough guys with each passing second, let’s make a plan. A person without a plan cannot achieve success that easily. Let’s discuss the most important and impactful Time Management Tips for Students which will be helpful in every aspect to manage your time better and thereby yielding the best results.

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You must prepare yourself to achieve something great in your life with your perfect planning, right decisions and off course by getting rid of your procrastination.

Use Your Time Effectively – Father’s Instruction

My father always tells me like this. Dear, things which are to be done today, must be done today only. Never ever postpone for any reason. I would say that this is one of the best time management strategies for college students, and it’s my personal experience.

Some of you might be dependent on the destiny or some kind of miracles to happen, but we commonly forgot that miracles also happen to those only who worked hard for it. Labor conquers everything!

Today I am going to share with you a few tips and benefits of time management for students. Before that the best piece of advice that I can give you based on my own experiences is to start your work as soon as possible. We need to understand the importance of time.

Shape your destiny by determination; otherwise your destiny will shape your life.

Importance of Time Management for Students

Time is like a bridge, which takes you from wherever you are to where you want to be in future. Using your time properly only will make you or will destroy you. There are lot of Apps available on playstore for time management tips like planners, focus booster, and focus at will and so on. But I’ll not recommend anyone to use all this as nothing can be better than your own will power. Nothing can motivate you with more power than your own Desire to achieve or control something. Real Power comes from within not by merely downloading number of apps or by searching or reading different Articles on websites. Hope you’re getting what I’m saying.

Now let’s come to the point, whether it’s your school exams or competitive exam start preparing for them without wasting a single moment. And the very first step is to master your mind which eventually results in management of your time.

There are certain things and habits too which you need to dispose off to manage your time better. It only needs your indomitable Will and Desire along with your presence of mind to decide what is good for you according to your situation and time.

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Tips for Students to Study Better

Create a Great Study Space

Make sure your study room is neat and clean. It should be free from any type of distractions. This can sharpen your mind and improve your Focus, Concentration and helps you for Better Preparation.

Use Most of Your Time

Take advantage of all your time, including little chunks of time, like when you are riding on the bus even. Are you using the most of it? Time is finite, every single moment counts.

Make Use of Your Travel Time

In general, we use our commute time to look into social media feeds. But you can actually use this time in a productive way in listening to your audio books etc.This is one of the simple time management tips for students that helps to make them successful.

Concentrate on One Thing at a Time

If you are studying then be active in that while doing it. Don’t get indulge here & there. Study difficult or boring subjects first while you are still fresh & get this task out of the way to make the rest of the day easier for yourself. This is one of the proven time management tips for students, especially.

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Note Down the Best Time of Your Day

One should also be aware of his/her best time of the day. When did you study the best, Night or Day? Schedule it accordingly to your best hours.

Choose the Right Place

Very important, study where you will be alert because you need energy, not relaxation. Avoid the place where you sleep like beds or sofas; study table is the best.

Monitor Your Time Wasters

As it’s very well clear from its name and commonly discussed but usually ignored issue, it is necessary to include here. A time waster is something that occurs in the day that is not necessary to your day, and if you exclude it, you definitely can use those hours for productive means.

A time waster prevents you from accomplishing some goal. Monitor Your Time, how much time you spend in sleeping, eating, watching television, whatsapp chats, or other social media apps. Do you know that in the above list T.V and your mobiles are the two main time wasters? You need to recognize and need to figure out why they are so and if they can be remedied.

Off course they can be, as your Career is much more important than your nuisance chat with some of your lazy friends who have no ambition or all time disturbing Relatives. You can become aware of and teach others too with these exclusive time management tips quoted below.

Learn to Say No

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This is one of the most important time management tips for students. There is no meaning in saying yes to everything said to you by your friends or even elders.

Get in the habit of saying No more often more politely and firmly. This can save you a lot of time by not involving in the things which are not aligned with your priorities.

Pay Attention to Your Attention

Are you looking to boost your skills and productivity in studies? Then paying attention is also one of the major time management tips you should never ignore. Always keep a notepad with you while studying to jot down the random thoughts that interfere with your studying.

Get them out of your mind as soon as possible onto a paper so that you can focus properly and if the work is really pressuring you then, just do it & then return to your studying.

“The One Who has No Concentration, there will be no Tranquility.” Remember It!

Delete All Social Media Apps on Your Phone

Social Media Apps are so habituated to everybody that one cannot stay without opening them more frequently. Even if you delete them from your mobiles, you can use through the internet browser. But you are less likely to do so because of slight inconvenience.

Get Off the Phone

Don’t use the phone as an excuse to not study. Tell the people when they call, that you are studying and they should understand if it is important they will call back.

Plan Your Day

Plan your day each morning or night before and set the priorities for yourself.

Set Deadlines

Yes, set them for yourself whenever possible and also do not forget to reward yourself when you get things done as you had planned, especially important ones. Always emphasize on developing your own time management tips that work for you.

Follow Your Schedule Firmly

Whenever you make the schedule, follow it. Be flexible, but firm.

Get 8 Hours of Sleep Every Night

Lack of good sleep will definitely affect your Health, memory and concentration. To be a productive student, you need to have a minimum of 8 hours of good sleep.

Special Tip from this Whole Essay on Time Management Tips for Students

Do one more thing before going to bed; try to do just one more thing from your next day plan to make your day extra complete and to alienate one task for the next day. You should be realistic in your expectations of yourself.

Finally at the end of each day ask yourself these questions because no one knows us better than ourselves:

How Much Time is Well Spent Today?

  • How many hours I dedicated today for achieving my goal?
  • What did I learn today?
  • What I have done today that sets me up for a big payoff in the future?
  • Most importantly, have I learnt more about how to manage time wisely?

Hope these strategies might help you to get a clear picture of yourself in this tough Competitive World and the time to start is now.

So, finally I’m done with my work, now it’s up to you how will you shape your future, But Remember ‘Aaj waqt ko rondh diya, to kal waqt tumhe rondh dega’.

Best Wishes to everyone who are reading this and you can thank me later!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Manage My Study Time Better?

  • Plan your studies i.e., decide how much and what to study, which books to choose, how to get study material and taking of teachers help.
  • Be punctual and regular. Maintain proper and enough timings to study.
  • Do not waste time in watching TV, playing and on Social Media.
  • Make your surroundings neat and clean, so that it will increase your concentration.
  • Review your progress.
  • Have a proper sleep.

How to save study time?

  • Make a proper plan.
  • Note down important concepts and ideas.
  • Write some notes in parallel with your reading quickly.
  • Have some tests.
  • Teach someone else.

Is time management important for students?

  • Absolutely. Time management is very important for the students.
  • You can become more successful in making your career.
  • You can save lot of time by proper planning and make use of it in productive way.
  • You can get best results with limited efforts.
  • You can learn new things.