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Tree Plantation Campaign by Baba Ram Rahim Followers

Planting 7,38,530 trees in a single day as a part of Mega Tree Plantation Campaign is a big feat. These days, all that we hear about is deforestation, flooding, wildfires and how the man himself has brought the fury of Nature on Himself. Let us also discuss how this campaign was performed successfully by Baba Ram Rahim supporters.

But knowing that there are people who are dedicated to reverse the deforestation feels good and revives hope. If there is one thing that the whole world needs more of, it is indeed tree plantation. We all know the importance of trees and our future depends on them.

For India, this year 15th August was special as it was not just the Independence Day but also Raksha Bandhan, an Indian festival. But for 65 million people, there was one more reason to celebrate, and they decided to celebrate by doing Tree Plantation Worldwide, setting up an example for the rest of the world.

Read on to know more.

Occasion – Baba Ram Rahim’s 52nd Birthday

The date 15th August also marks 52nd Birthday of Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan. Baba Ram Rahim is a Spiritual Master of more than 65 million people worldwide.

Started the custom of celebrating his birthday by planting trees every year on 14th. Following his inspiration, lakhs of people in India as well as abroad participated in Mega Tree plantation. Planted more than 7 lakhs trees in barren lands, roadsides, parks, jungles, their gardens etc.

#JoinHandsForTreePlantation hashtag on twitter ran specifically for this drive.

Mega Tree Plantation Campaign by Baba Ram Rahim Ji Followers
Tree Plantation Campaign by Baba Ram Rahim Ji Followers

Worldwide Participation in Mega Tree plantation Campaign

The best part of this drive was the way it was conducted all across the world by the followers of Baba Ram Rahim. Volunteers from Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Italy, Dubai, America and many other countries participated in this Tree Plantation Drive. And they Planted Trees in their surrounding areas to mark the birthday of Baba Ram Rahim. This is without any doubt, an amazing and wonderful way to celebrate the birthday.

Mega Tree Plantation Campaign Worldwide by Baba Ram Rahim Ji Followers
Mega Tree Plantation Campaign Worldwide

Unity in Diversity

The most surprising and beautiful fact about this tree plantation drive has been inclusivity of all groups of people. From abled to disabled, children to elderly, educated or uneducated, participation in the drive was worth seeing, all came forward and planted a tree as a gift to Saint Dr MSG on his birthday.

Surprising Figures – They are Amazing!

More than 41 million trees have been planted till date and the number just increased by 7,38,530 trees on 14th August 16, 2019. It is heartwarming to see the people so much motivated and plant trees at such a large scale. These saplings are taken care of so most of the planted trees till date are surviving.

Mega Tree Plantation Campaign Worldwide by Baba Ram Rahim supportersWorld Records

There are 3 Guinness World Records in the name of Saint Dr Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan for tree plantation. These records were made in 2009 and 2011 in the month of August on his birthday. Isn’t it amazing and inspiring at the same time?

You can check the details here World Welfare Records.

Pictures and Videos

Pictures of volunteers planting trees were posted on social media and were appreciated widely. Many people shared their videos as they too got motivated to plant a tree. I am sharing one of them here.

Mega Tree Plantation Campaign Worldwide by Baba Ram Rahim FollowersMega Tree Plantation Campaign Worldwide by Baba Ram Rahim Followers

Inspiration Behind the Drive

The inspiration behind the mega tree plantation drive is the birthday eve of kind personality. He is none other than Saint Dr Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan. He always inspires his followers to do welfare works to celebrate every year.

Moreover, 134 welfare works were initiated by Baba Ram Rahim. And these are being carried out by the devotees on routine basis. Some are them are listed below.

  1. Blood donation.
  2. Building houses for needy.
  3. Giving food items to hungry.
  4. Arranging treatment of ill people.
  5. Putting feed and water for birds and many more.

I am really feeling privileged to share the details of the Mega Tree Plantation Drive. So do share your views too. Tell us in the comment section if this article motivated you too to at least Plant a Tree every year!

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