15 August 2019 – An Amalgamation of Remarkable Events

One day – Many occasions to celebrate – that is 15 August 2019, Independence Day Of India, Raksha Bandhan and birthday of Dr.MSG.
You read it right, three mega life events are going to take place in India on 15th August this year. We all know that 15th August is a glorious day in the history of India as a nation. India got independence on this same day back in 1947 and the foundation or one can say the re-birth of Bharat or India as a nation took place and rest is history now.
In past 7 decades, India reached several milestones and among the race of best and powerful nations. India is in top Economy wise , the most ambitious space science field is also ranking India at par with country alike of USA & Germany. ISRO boosted India’s image big time in that.

72nd Independence Day of India

72nd Independence Day is way too special for India as only on 5th August Union Government has scrapped the most complicated article 370 in the State of Jammu & Kashmir. The world is applauded it with a notion in favor of betterment of people of the state. The vision & mission of Independence of India reaching on 72nd Birthday, though the ancient Indian History goes long back to some 5000 to 10000 years back too.

Raksha Bandhan 2019

Raksha Bandhan
One such ancient festival is also on this same day falling this year, Raksha Bandhan, basically it is celebrated on Purnima (the full moon) of the Sarawan Maas (The Traditional Hindu month as per Hindu Calendar,its often called Sawan or the monsoon month too). This festival marks the love,care and security bond between brothers and sisters among Hindu religion, though Jain, Buddhist and few Sikh and several other cultures of society too celebrate it with great affection and love.

Importance of Raksha Bandhan

On the day of Raksha Bandhan, the sister ties a silk thread or in modern days bracelet of steel or silver too on the wrist of their brother and in return brothers gives some gift as token of love and with a promise to safeguard the dignity and pride of the sisters. Raksha Bandhan is called Rakhi also and it’s being said a brother takes an oath of protecting sister both emotionally and physically to the fullest potential of his.The ancient history of India is filled with many examples of the same.The recent past history goes back to 17th century old stories of this festival and mentioned it in their books.
The significance of this day is still relevant in modern era too as it marks as a occasion to get reunion of families and celebrations together, along with changing times and Internet age and commercialization it’s being celebrated as a bigger event nowadays with exchange of modern days sweets alike of Chocolate gift packs and traditional sweets too.
Dera Sacha Sauda Baba Ram Rahim

Big Day for Baba Ram Rahim Ji Devotees

On this very same day, there is another bigger day in India as the devotees Of Dera Sacha Sauda will be celebrating the 52nd Birthday of the present True Master Of their faith’s cult. St. Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan aka Dr.MSG, was born on 15th August 1967, the disciples believe that the birth of such holy souls are reincarnation.
So they celebrate it with great pomp and show along with over a hundred plus welfare tasks through out the month. Such as mass blood donation camps, food distribution to the needy ones, building houses with the help of DSS community, books and stationery distribution to the needy kids,  Widow marriages and many other welfare tasks.
Dr.MSG is often called as Rock Star Baba, as a new method of devotional songs being adopted by him to attract youngsters to get inclined towards humanity and spiritual world. The Jazz, Rap, Hip-Hop and techno form of music being picked to keep the youth glued to God’s path.
Dr.MSG has broken the stereo type myths of society by venturing himself into movies and made 5 movies on subjects ranging Drugs to Patriotism and a neat and clean dose of comedy too without using any vulgar language or obscene in the movies. The concerns which being raised in movies by Dr.MSG are worth praising as the youth connects easily with the cinema and Message is loud and clear with a vision of a healthy and loving society.
The devotees Of DSS celebrates 15th August with double joys,firstly the Independence Day of the India And Secondly the Birthday of beloved Guru.

Welfare Activities and Environmental Protection

Every year on 14th August they plant millions of saplings and take care of those through out the year as their own kids.They do tree planting on local level to national and even international level,even last week they planted some 4200 tree in city of Melbourne,Australia along with help of local authorities.
Over all this year’s 15th August is going to be a triple delight for the devotees in particular as the devotees considers Dr.MSG as their brother too,so they shall be sending Rakhi through post to Dr.MSG.
Joys of Independence Day and sense of security and love among masses all over India is high this time.
I wish to all a very Happy tripe delight 15th August and pray to Almighty safeguard all sisters of the world.

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