Yoga: Benefits, Procedure And Precautions



Often people think that Yoga is for thin, fit and slim people.

That is why most people think that yoga is not for them but their belief is wrong.

Today, I will give the benefits of Yoga, method and other information to those people, which proves that yoga is very beneficial for every person.


Yoga is the science of living properly and hence it should be included in daily life. It works on all aspects of our life, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level.

Yoga is a means of balancing and harmonizing the body, mind and emotional status. This yoga or unity is attained through the practice of asana, pranayama, mudra, bandhan, or meditation.  So Yoga is also a way of living  the life’s ultimate purpose in itself.

Yoga first benefits the external body,  which is a practical and familiar starting place for most of  people.  When any  imbalance is experienced at this level, the organs, nerves  muscles,  and nerves  do not work in harmony, rather they act against each other.  Yoga also  works on mental and emotional levels after the external body.  As the result of  stress and interactions of routine life, many people suffer from many mental troubles.  Yoga may not provide relief immediately but it is a proven method to combat them.


Physical emotional and mental healing is one of the most known benefits of yoga.  It is so powerful  and effective benefit because it works on the principles of harmony and integration.

  • Yoga is a successful treatment option in asthma, diabetes, blood pressure, arthritis, digestive disorders and other many more  diseases, especially where modern science has not been successful in giving cure till date.
  • According to medical scientists, yoga therapy succeeds due to the balance created in the nervous and endocrine systems that directly affects all other systems and organs of the body.
  • Apart from these, yoga also has many more spiritual benefits.  It is very difficult to describe them, because you will have to achieve and then realize it by practicing  yoga yourself.  Yoga benefits each person differently.  So must adopt yoga and improve your mental, physical, and spiritual health.


  1. Choose a convenient place — It is always best to choose a small, private room for yoga practice in your home. By doing yoga, there will be positive energy that will give you and your family happiness, strength and comfort. If it is not possible then you can choose a peaceful place at outdoor which is so big that you can make your yoga mat (sheet) , Where there is no break in your practice.  You have to take care that the places for yoga practice should be clean and airy, not furniture and sharp objects.
  2. Doing yoga empty stomach is easier when you do it lightly or empty stomach.  You can do yoga exercises 2-3 hours after meals as well.
  3. Wearing simple clothes while doing yoga– wear light and comfortable clothes during yoga practice.  Tight clothes are not convenient for yoga. Wearing more clothes,  jewelry and makeup should not be practiced.
  4. Do some exercises to generate warmth in the body before Yogasan — It is necessary that before Yogasan, you should do some exercises which create flexibility in the body, so that there is no tension in the muscles and body pain.
  5. This is your own body, take care of it– Respect your body and do Yogasan with a smile. Increase the speed of yoga by taking care of your body and flexibility.  Practicing at very high speeds can give you pain & muscle ache .
  6. Stay firm  — Make it a part of your daily routine by practicing it regularly, then it will easily become your habit.

“Yoga practice  20 minutes each day  gives you more positive results than 2 hours of practice.  ”


  • Warm-up your body before starting
  • Do not start with difficult posture
  • Do not drink cold water during yoga
  • Do not take wrong pose
  • Do not take shower immediately
  • Don’t do yoga after meal
  • pregnant women should not do yoga


  1. It is often said that women should not practice yoga during menstruation. But you can guess according to your physical ability whether yoga suits you during periods.
  2. You do yoga under the supervision of a special yoga teacher during pregnancy, it will be better
  3. Do not make children under 10 years of age more difficult.  Do yoga only under the direction of a special yoga guru.
  4. Smoking should be strictly prohibited.  If you have a habit of smoking or tobacco then adopt yoga and try to quit this bad habit.
  5. Get some sleep  because body also needs rest with exercise and nutritious diet.  So sleep on time.

Writing Credits: Aman Brar