Mars 2020 Exploration Program


NASA’s Mars 2020

In the history of space, there are many countries who’s mission to Mars was launched to learn about the Red planet. Planet Mars is rich in water and it seems to be a counter part to planet Earth.

There are four space agencies who have successfully made it to Mars, they are NASA, the former Soviet Union Space Program, the European Space Agency and the Indian Space Research Organization.

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Mars 2020

There are three countries whose space agencies have made it to the Mars. The United Arab Emirates with mission “Hope Probe”, China with “Tianwen-1” and USA with “Perseverance”.

Mission objectives and details


Mars 2020 is a Mars rover mission of the United States of America. Mars 2020 launched on an Atlas V-541, an intermediate-class launch vehicle, which has the capability to liftoff the heavy weight requirement which Mars 2020 has.

Rover Perseverance carries seven scientific instruments to the Martian surface at Jezero crater, where it is successfully landed.

It carries twenty three cameras and two microphones to get human sense at red planet.


  • This mission is Mars exploration which seek signs of past human inhabitants on Mars.
  • Technology to produce a small amount of pure oxygen from Martian atmospheric carbon dioxide.
  • Perseverance collect rock and soil samples for possible return to Earth.

Four scientific goals

  • To find out life on red planet earlier.
  • Identify the climate of Mars.
  • Typify the geology of Mars.
  • Prepare for human exploration of the planet.

Perseverance rover with Ingenuity

NASA’s Mars exploration program that includes the rover perseverance and the small Ingenuity helicopter, which helps to explore to obtain information.

Components of “Perseverance”

  • Mastcam-z (Zoomable Panoramic Cameras)
  • SuperCam (Laser Micro-Imager)
  • Sherloc (Ultraviolet Spectrometer) Watson ( Camera)
  • MEDA (Weather Station)
  • RIMFAX (Subsurface Radar)
  • PIXL (X-ray Spectrometer)
  • MOXIE (Produces Oxygen from Martian Co2)

External Hand-shakes

Rover “Perseverance” nickname is “Percy” is a mars rover manufactured by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Three countries gave their instruments, which are installed at rover.

  1. SuperCam Mast Unit- France
  2. MEDA wind sensor- Spain
  3. RIMFAX Antenna- Denmark

Tribute to Health care workers

Rover “perseverance” was launched during the COVID-19 pandemic and it effects the mission in month of march 2020, Healthcare Workers who assists their country with selfless service, a 8 by 13 centimeters plate with a staff and serpent symbol was placed on perseverance rover so that future generations scientists going to Mars remember their service during 2020.


Space is an opportunity at infinite to explore and one possibility is Mars 2020. It is a hope for humanity in future as it indicate that there were more water and life. To identify,  there is a need to explore the Mars with “Perseverance”.

 Writing credits: Monika Panwar