Dekh Zara Mera Honsla – Have a Look at My Courage – Raid Movie Review


These are the lines from a song of the movie “Raid” which is played during an emotional and tough scene of the movie. It makes us think and introspect more because the story is based on the real story, the situations which the officers have actually faced in the past and many authorities are still facing the issue in the present.

The movie is indeed very amazing. You are able to feel the same as is felt by the lead cast in the role. Acting is so real and amazing. The scenario of corruption and how hard the officers have to fight against the corrupt people and how unaware general public who curses officials for corruption themselves interrupt and is a threat to the life of officials who try to fight against corruption.

Raid Movie Beginning

In the beginning of the movie, it is headed by amazing dialogues and a scene full of suspense. Then it goes into flashback and from where the whole story is revealed. That creates an atmosphere of curiosity and audience wants to know what will happen next!

Dialogues in Raid

I want to talk about the dialogues separately as I seriously loved them. Dialogues like ‘Mai bas sasural se hi shadi wale din khali haath lauta tha’ and like ‘7 saal me unchaas bar transfer ho chukka hai, jab tak mera pchaasvi bar Ni ho jata, is shor ki adat daal lo’ just make you love the script more.

Lead Role

The lead role is of Ajay Devgan. He has played the role of a fearless income tax officer who while doing his work genuinely has to face the real threat to his and his family’s life but still he puts his heart and soul and fearlessly proceed with the work.

Lead Role in Raid Movie Daily Bees


Obviously, I don’t want to be a spoiler here but the climax is amazing. It became very difficult for the team who carries out the raid to carry on with it but how they managed to persist and what happens next, I think you should watch the movie for that.


There are songs and romantic scenes too which go well with the movie. Nothing vulgar but the movie depicts the amount of courage the wives of officers possess.

Romance in Raid Movie Daily Bees


End is breathtaking. The lead officer and his team’s life are in danger and it is impossible for them to escape. Only way possible is to leave the raid in between and let the culprit go. Then what does the officer do is a must watch.


Its IMDB ratings have gone 7.9/10 which is amazing. You should definitely watch the movie. Moreover, it’s a family movie!