Kesari Movie Review – Kesari Rang Ka Matlab Samajhte Ho?


Kesari (Saffron) is the color of Pride, Valor, and Sacrifice. You must be wondering why am I telling you about the Kesari color? We all know this thing and why the author is telling this. Well! My write up relates to this color of sacrifice, pride, and valor because today we will let you know about the latest release of Khiladi Kumar aka Akshay Kumar and Parineeti Chopra starrer and Anurag Singh directed Kesari.

From the last many years Akshay Kumar is continuously taking up the projects that relate to the country or social issues whether we talk about his Padman or his Baby or his Holiday or many more. This time his movie Kesari relates to the 19th Century’s one of the bravest battles fought between 21 Sikhs and near about 10,000 Afghans.

Kesari is saying the story of the leading man Havildar Ishar Singh who gave inspiration to 20 Sikhs to fought the battle of Saragarhi on 12th September 1897. The role of Havildar Ishar Singh is played by Akshay Kumar and Ishar Singh’s wife is played by Parineeti Chopra. Many other renowned names Mir Sarwar, Vikram Kochhar are in the movie.

If we talk about the first half of movie which is quite slow and the screenplay is not up to the mark for the first half but for making it entertaining, some comedy scenes have been added which are thoroughly enjoyable. The movie defines the war period but the movie is so slow that the battle of Saragarhi being shown in the second half. But its dialogues are appealing such as ‘Aj meri pagdi vi kesari, jo banega mera wo lahoo vi kesari or mera jwaab vi kesari.’

kesari movie review
Akshay Kumar as Ishar Singh with Saffron Turban and big beard has done justice with his role as the dialogue delivery of Akshay as Ishar Singh is quite impressive. Moreover, when he says dialogue in his heavy voice, he roars like a lion and he has done justice with Punjabi accent. If we talk about Parineeti Chopra as the wife of Ishar Singh, has just guest appearance in the film and all other scenes of her in the movie are just shown in the dreams of Ishar Singh having the conversation between both to add some romantic angle in the tale but this is not much revealed to the audience.

If we talk about songs of the movie then its song ‘Sanu Kehndi’ is already the hit track from the date of its release and choreography is superb in all the songs.

When Khiladi Kumar is there then how can one forget about action sequences in the movie and since the movie is about fighting the battle, it has many wow action sequence which you can enjoy it. And one must say the job of the cameraman is amazing during those scenes.

In one of the scene, the heroic image of the Ishar Singh (Akshay Kumar) will create when he save the women from Afghan Sardar when they were about to behead her. From then to the day of the battle of saragarhi, Ishar Singh becomes the inspirational character of the movie. Other than him, no other character has been shown in the movie with such detail.