10 Summer Moisturizers That Are So Light – Feel Like You’re Wearing Nothing At All

Every summer, we need something that will moisturize and act as a shield to protect our skin from pollutants and prevent sun damage. If you don’t care about moisturizing your skin, you probably should start right away. You may ask – why, what’s the deal with it? The thing is, even if you have good skin, you need to put it on to maintain that glow over a lifetime. Skin problems do not discriminate when it comes to you, it can affect those with darker skin just as much as people with lighter skin, right? But how do we identify the Best Moisturizer? Well, don’t worry, we’ve got you a list right here.

Top 10 Best Moisturizers For Every Skin Type

L’Oreal Paris Hydra-fresh Anti-Shine Icy Gel

This contains deep marine source water which is rich in minerals and helps prevent water loss. With zinc and micro-sponges, it absorbs excess sebum for long term matt skin. With regular usage, your skin gets rid of unwanted shine or oil, your dirty pores are clear and tightened.

•It hydrates and mattifies the oily skin.
•Helps to regulate sebum.
•Skin looks smooth and even toned.
•Provides adequate moisture and gives a cooling effect to the skin.

Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture

This one help for moisturizes dry areas while it controls oily shine. It contains a special oil-absorbing microsponge system for its dual-action on the skin.

•It does not clog pores or cause blackheads.
•The skin absorbs it quickly leaving a matte finish.
•Hypoallergenic and fragrance-free means easily acceptable.
•Best results for acne-prone skin.
oil free Moisturizer

Lotus Herbals Alpha-moist Alpha Hydroxy Skin Renewal Moisturizer

This one contains Alpha Hydroxy that help replenish moisture and provide a vibrant complexion to your skin. It helps reveal new fresh skin by replacing an old one.

•Light-weight & easily applicable to every skin type.
•Contains AHA which is great for skin renewal and prevent from skin damage.
•Hydrates your skin.
•Easily available and affordable
skin renewal Moisturizer

Lacto Calamine Skin Balance Daily Nourishing Oil Control Lotion

This lotion is easily available in every medical or cosmetic shop and ideal for oil control and maintaining skin vitality. It mainly contains kaolin and glycerin. This maintains skin pH for glowing healthy skin, and this product keeps a check on this factor.

•Contains some amazing ingredients like kaolin, zinc oxide and glycerin which make your skin glow.
•Controls natural oil formation in the skin.
•Can be used on irritated skin as it helps to prevent from burns, allergic reactions and other issues.
Nourishing Oil Control Lotion

Mama Earth Overnight Repair Face Cream

It helps in brightening and tightening your skin so that it shines with a natural glow. This cream is enriched with saffron, collagen, and daisy flower which help skin to refreshed every time.

•Brightens skin and Lightweight.
•Hydrates skin deeply and reduce the appearance of age spots.
•Free of toxins and chemicals
•Packaging is travel-friendly.
Repair Face Cream

Seba Med Moisturizing Cream Pinit

This rich moisturizer is suitable for the most sensitive of skins. Having soothing vitamin E to naturally guard against free radicals which can cause premature ageing. The pH value of Seba Med help to stabilizes the health of the skin’s natural hypo-lipid barrier.

•Non-greasy formula which is great for dehydrated skin and non-irritating.
•It won’t clog the pores of the skin.
•Contains Vitamin E to cool your skin.
Seba Med Moisturizing Cream Pinit

Olay Moisturizing Skin Cream Pinit

Olay is known for its skin care products, actually, it does a pretty good job at what it claims.  It’s great for dry skin, basically during summers.

Since your face tends to become dry with frequent washing, it is necessary to moisturize often as it feeds your skin and prevents it from ageing. It moisturizes for up to 12 hours by making skin smoother.

•Effectively hydrates and moisturizes your skin.
•Lightweight and gets absorbed very easily.
•Suitable for all types of skin.
Olay Moisturizing Skin Cream Pinit

The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Cream

A daily moisturizing cream that is easily absorbed by the skin and it has the lightness of a lotion with the moisturizing benefits.

•Definitely keeps the skin well-hydrated all day long.
•It contains ingredients like Vitamin E and Lanolin that are really great for the overall health of your skin.
•It can also be used as a great base for makeup as it does not make your skin oily and basically, makeup carries for a long time.
The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Cream

Nivea Soft Light Moisturizer Pinit

I personally advise this one moisturizer by Nivea as it is the best basic product that I’ve come across. It’s light, it’s well-formulated and so effectively suit every type of skin. This is a light textured, refreshing soft cream with jojoba oil for invigorated and smooth skin.

•Very light
•Multi-purpose (as a cream moisturiser or makeup base sometimes.
•Cheap and affordable.
•Perfect for dry-skinned as well as oily beauties.
Nivea Soft Light MoisturiserPinit

Olay Total Effects 7-in-1 Anti Aging Skin Day Cream

This cream provides 7 skin benefits in one bottle. It contains Niacin-amide. It gives you multiple benefits like anti-ageing properties while it improves skin’s elasticity and as the moisturiser and works well on pigmentation, scars and revives skin tone and texture giving you younger looking skin.

•Contains SPF 15 and protects against UVA/UVB rays during summer.
•Pump dispenser and gets absorbed easily
•Brightens and evens out your skin.
•Lightweight and help to hydrate your skin.
We hope this list helped you, These all are 10/10 rating products, So now it’s your turn find one that suits you, wear it on this summer and make your face happy 🙂