Tips to Secure a Happy and Long Marriage


In the present scenario, a couple maintaining a long term happy marriage is looked upon as eight wonder of this world as if it’s hard to find such beauty! The ideal couple it is designated as!

Why is it so rare to find in the current generation?

The answers can be many but as an old saying- These couple say- We were born in a time when something was broken, we would fix it!
So the most important is patience which the young generation is lacking which leads to short tempered nature and as a consequence, break-ups.

So in today’s article, as you all can now guess, we will talk about most important ingredients of a happy and long marriage!


Having patience is very important. There are times when your partner can have a bad day and out of frustration, lost the temper. In this situation, you can do two things.

Number 1 – Shout back at him/her.
Number 2 – We can have patience and talk about the matter a day later.

You can very well imagine the consequences of both of these reactions!

Trust and loyalty

This is crucial and very rare to find quality! May be that’s why, nowadays there is a famous quote- If you find loyalty, keep it! Extra-marital affairs can destroy any relationship even if you partner doesn’t have any clue since your behavior changes and can easily be noticed! They say- Be the change you want to see. So be loyal if you want it back!

Date Each Other

This is not my personal idea. I saw a video about that. But found it amazingly awesome. In this, husband and wife go on a date once in few weeks like it’s their first date. The guy comes to pick up her girl with the same nervousness of first date and same feelings. They go out every time to a new place. With time, they realized that on every date, they come to know one new thing about each other. I found it an awesome idea to keep the spark alive.


This is important yet many times ignored ingredient. Just like a salt is to the vegetable, communication is to the marriage. Either its ego issue or whatever, always value your relationship. Sometimes just one simple word like ‘sorry’ can save your relation. Never ever let the communication gap destroy it. Speak out your heart! In this part, listening to your partner is also included.

Never Compare

Everyone has qualities and some flaws of their own. So never compare your partner with others. Always remember- ‘All that glitters is not gold’. Just make the best out of what you have. Sometimes we ignore what we have and start running behind what is not right for us!

These small little everyday ingredients can make your love life last longer and a happy one! These might look simple things but are hard to do, though possible! Hope, these will work for you!