Disconnect With A Silent Retreat And Find A Deeper Connection


The greatest thing in the world is to know how to belong to oneself – Michel de Montaigne.

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Struck in the rut of daily life, there are moments when we just want to slow down and feel our breath. What is life for most of us? A week split into working weekdays and sleepy weekends, for most. During an important meeting with your boss, while having a meal amidst a huge group of people, or while stuck in a traffic jam, everyone feels like taking a break. It comes naturally to us. Life is busy. We get it.

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Why is Silence Needed?

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As if spoken conversations weren’t enough, now we have turned towards social media. Posting stuff, checking comments and likes under them, indulging in conversations that follow, keeping a check on who follows you and whom do you follow, it consumes a lot of your energy and time. Evidently, there are times when need to unplug, from the online world and from everything outside.

FOMO Issues & What to Do?

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If you have the fear of missing out on the people you care about, or those who care for you, then just think again and read carefully. If you aren’t well connected with your own self, all your relations need a reload. So, it is both necessary and justified to spend some time by yourself.

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There are numerous ways to begin with it. Fall back on your couch and listen to some soulful music, learn to play an instrument, write a poem, paint a canvas, go for a solo trip (if you’re rich though), or you can sign up for places where you can find like minded people to do group yoga, exercises etc.

Science Behind It

Our brains are like a window of web browser which has many tabs opened at once. Some of these are relevant and the other are not. When we aren’t distracted by any attenuation, the quiet time allows our conscious work-space to process things. During these silent periods, our brains have the time and freedom to rediscover the requisite in your internal and external world.

Through The Religious & Spiritual Eyes

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There’s one thing that is integral to both religion and spirituality, prayer. Prayer is an art of connecting to the higher power that governs this universe, and everything that we are still unaware of. Sunrise, sunset, ocean waves, basically the observance of nature in solitude prove aids to let loose in oneself. All such peaceful times are best enjoyed and felt, they can’t be described. Isn’t this the essence of all religions and spirituality?

Some Saturday nights, you know, are better spent at home, doing nothing, but just reconnecting to ourselves. So how are you going to spend your next holiday? 🙂