World Water Day


What is water? You must be thinking that why I have asked this question! The answer is too obvious.

But is the answer too obvious in the current times also? I don’t think so.

Let me tell you why!

Think of your childhood times- when you used to listen to your grandparents’ stories of water crisis they saw in their childhood, but that was not crisis. Actually water was available but not at homes, as there was lack of concept of taps. So they had to fetch water from the water sources manually.

With time, they saw the transformation from wells to taps and tube wells and the water was available in their homes in abundance.

The bottled water or the paid water was not so familiar to them. My grandmother used to say- ‘To give water to the thirsty is a matter of humanity’. She never asked me to take money in return. Obviously, no one ever in their generation thought that water needed to be paid for. But paid water is so familiar to us these days.

So some change of concept of water and it’s availability has definitely occurred and the shocking part is that it is not a good change.

Water bodies are depleting, ground water level is dropping but we are still wasting water! I would be more than happy if someone would say that they have left no stones unturned and are saving water in every possible way. But unfortunately, there is a lot of scope of improvement at present and that too on per capita level.

People always talk about money distribution inequality but what about water distribution?

That’s not equal either! That’s why the sustainable goal was set, the theme for which focuses on making the water available to one and all.

Why such theme was needed at the first place? It’s a matter of concern. When people having proper accessibility to water are not valuing it and billions are living with water crisis, the need of such theme was inevitable and finally the day has arrived!

I would not mention the date of this day which has significance globally, as everyone can easily find it. I want to focus on the need and theme of the day which is important to tackle.

Guys, you and I together need to work on this and believe me, every single step, however small it maybe, it matters.

So you have to do it religiously. You need water as badly as you need oxygen. So conserve water.

Cut short the usage while brushing your teeth, bathing, filling water in coolers, or washing hands.

Reuse water as much as possible.
Store the rain water.

Reuse the water you used in bath by making a filter made of concrete, gravel and sand nearby bathroom and then use it for watering plants. Turn off the tap when not in use, repair leakages, use water judiciously as and whenever possible.

Respect this precious natural resource and it will definitely pay you back!

So, are you with me?