Engineer’s Day 2020: A Day To Mark The Birth Anniversary Of Greatest Engineer Visvesvaraya


Today is 21st century, from car to aeroplane, from mobile to computer, from single wire to big transformer, from a house to a multistory building everything in an innovation of engineers which makes our life easier and livable.

There is not a single day in the whole world to celebrate Engineer’s Day. This day is observed on different dates of the year in different countries.

India dedicates 15 September to the engineers.

As of 20th of November, 2019, the World Federation of Engineering Organizations (WFEO), that is the International Organization for the Engineering Profession, has designated March 4th as ‘ World Engineering Day for a Sustainable World.’

Definition of An Engineer

An engineer is person who transforms an imaginary structure into real one by using all safety aspects within efficient cost and time. Engineer is a professionalist who has ability to invent new things to fulfill functional objectives and requirements.

“Engineer” word has come from 2 Latin Words. One of them is “Ingeniare” which means to create, to generate, devise and contrive. Second word is “Ingenium” which means cleverness.

Due to the Engineers, we can lead a comfortable life.

Engineering is a field in which the most important things needed, rather than knowledge, are skills, hard work, practical knowledge, calmness, last but not the least is how you represent yourself.

Because, as an engineer, you must face a lot of difficulties. You should have all the qualities that have written above to become a Perfect Engineer.

Why We Celebrate Engineer’s Day?

India observes Engineer’s Day on 15th September every year to mark the birth occasion of Sir Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya.

He is called by the name ‘Sir MV.’ He was an Indian Civil Engineer and Statesman.
He is known as the Father of Engineering in India.

In, 1955, He was honoured with the Bharat Ratna Award. He was also awarded an Honorary Membership of London Institution of Civil Engineers for unbroken 50 years.
India dedicates one day to Sir MV because he was India’s Greatest Civil Engineer

His Contributions

  • He made special contribution in Engineering, the praise of which is beyond the words.
  • He has invented block system, automated doors that close the water overflows.
  • He was the architect of the Great Krishna Raja Sagara Dam in Mysuru.
  • He has given his contribution to design a plan for road construction between Tirumala and Tirupati.
  • Vishakhapatnam Port was affected from the sea-erosion. Sir MV has given his excellent contribution to develop a system to protect the Port.
  • He is the founder of Mysore Soap Factory.
  • He has planned the Indian Economy in 1934.

Who was the First Engineer?

Imhotep was the first Civil Engineer in the World. He is known for His designing and supervising step Pyramid of Djoser.

In the field of Engineering, women are also ahead due to their wealth of knowledge.
Elisa Zamfirescu became First Engineer due to her in intellectual talent, when common women were completely unaware of the Field of Engineering.

Alice Perry is considered to be the First Woman Engineer ever in the World because she got her engineering degree 6 years before Elisa Zamfirescu.

Branch, That is King of Engineering

Engineering has 40 different branches. But Mechanical Engineering is considered as the King of Engineering. Mechanical Engineering is branch of Engineering which deals with the study of mechanics. It is one of the oldest branch of Engineering and there are a lot of career options in it.

It consists maximum number of sub-branches. A mechanical engineer can get a job in 37 different fields.

Mechanical Engineering leads to foundation of some other branches too.

Best Engineering Branch in India for Future

Civil Engineering: It deals with the construction of buildings, roads, bridges, dams, canals, towers, etc.

The branch has scope in various fields such as –

Physics, Mathematics, Town & City Planning, Disaster Assessment & Management Structural Design, Maintenance of Structures, Earthquake Transportation, Restoration of Structures etc.

It includes great scope in the Irrigation Engineering.

All the fields of Engineering are connected with one another such that if a civil engineer constructs a house or building then an electrical engineer must take care of how much voltage does he offers towards that house or building with the help of a Mechanical engineer. Mechanical engineer is efficient to adjust an air conditioner, refrigerator, etc. which runs on electricity, handled by Electrical engineer.

WIFI – a great facility in today’s world is also a part of our lives without which we are unable to run ourselves which was invented by Software engineer.

Need of Engineers in Modern World

As we know that nothing is stable in the World. Everything goes on changing with the passage of time.

The Engineers are the ones who use their skills to change the Worldly things and lead the World to the path of development.

The majority of today’s services are the fruitful results of hard work of passionate Engineers.

They apply the principles of mathematics and science to technical issues and try to make the life better.Engineer's Day specialEngineers also give their intellectual contribution in medical technology. Due to their endless efforts, healthcare has also improved.

Work of an engineer is not an easy task at all. For example, if you are a software engineer and if there is just one mistake in your coding then this will cause a great impact on your invention.

As the whole world is locked down due to Corona Virus pandemic, people cheer up themselves by chatting online, exploring new dishes and trying them at homes by watching it on You Tube. It’s all possible due to innovations made by engineers.

Life can’t become this much easier without engineers. If there is no engineers, then we can’t step up on staircase, we can’t make Online transactions.

Today, if we are able connect with our relatives who are far away from us via laptop or mobile by sitting in an air conditioned room of our modern house which has WI-FI connection, it all been possible because of engineers.


That has never been created before, engineers can create them with their intellect.
Engineering is a field that is all rounder as we can see that there are maximum number of IPS officers who has done graduation in engineering.

It is the only field which teaches the difference between a BOSS and LEADER.
A Boss is a person which commands other but a Leader is a person who stands by his team and work together.

Engineers believe in working together because when bunch of minds come together, an innovation takes place and can be transform into reality.

Without Engineers, our life is incomplete.

They dedicate their entire lives to the development of the country. Thus, on Engineer’s Day, kudos to all engineers.

We need perfect engineers to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. Thus, we should encourage students to develop their engineering skills, so that the real intention of celebrating the Engineer’s Day can come true.

We should take inspiration from the experiences of successful engineers of the world.
As we know that failure rates in engineering are high but we can definitely achieve success by doing hard work.

Writing Credits – Aman Uppal